Ugly Cry Books….you know you love them too!!


    1. 3. All Your Perfects, Colleen Hoover

    1. 4. The Edge Of Never, JA Redmerski

  1. 5. Sinners Creed, Kim Jones

6. The Breathing Series, Rebecca Donovan

7. The Sea of Tranquility, Katja Milay

8. The Sweet Gum Tree, Katherine Allred 

9. The Bronze Horseman, Paulina Simon

10. Tainted By Crazy, Abby McCarthy

11. The Dark Secret Series, A.M. Husdon

12. Taking Chances, Molly McAdams

13. One Day Soon, A. Meredith Walters

14. Archer’s Voice, Mia Sheridan

15. Carnage Series Lesley Jones

16. Bright Side, Kim Holden


17 Gus, Kim Holden


18. A Thousand Boy Kisses, Tillie Cole

19. Law of Moses, Amy Harmon

20. Making Faces, Amy Harmon

21. The Dark Light Of Day, T.M. Frazier

22. Always There, Carol Ann Albright Eastman

23. A Love Letter to Whiskey, Kandi Steiner 

24. Unbreakable, Rebecca Shea

25. Wish You Were Here, Renee Carlino

26.Fear of Falling, SL Jennings

27. Falling Into You, Jasinda Wilder

28. Maybe Someday, Colleen Hoover

29. The Ever Trilogy, Jasinda Wilder (book 1 free at time of posting)

30. In The Fields, Willow Aster

31. Drive, Kate Stewart

32. Arsen, Mia Asher

33. Raw, Belle Aurora

34. Tears of Tess, Pepper Winters (free at time of posting)

35. Letters Written in White, Kathryn Perez

36. Undeniable, Madeline Sheehan

37. The Mighty Storm, Samantha Towle

38. True Love Story, Willow Aster

39. Tortured, Nicole Williams

40. First, Kimberly Adams

41. 180 Seconds, Jessica Park

42. All The Bright Places, Jennifer Nivan

43. The Hard Truth About Sunshine, Sawyer Bennett

44. Silent Waters, Brittany Cherry

45. Mists of The Serengeti, Leylah Attar

46. Swear On This Life, Renee Carlino

47. Stoned, Mandi Beck

48. Say You’ll Stay, Corinne Michaels

The Empty Jar, Michelle Leighton