New Release~~Burnt Sugar by @Layne_Harper

Burnt Sugar (ACE Series #2) by Layne Harper Release Date: June 28, 2017   Synopsis He left me crumpled in a ball on the worn hardwoods where my living room furniture used to be. He fed me to the paparazzi. He teased me with his new album—full of songs written about me. Then, I never heard from him again.   Did I let Aaron Emerson break me? Of course not….

5 STAR REVIEW ~~ No Pink Caddy by Layne Harper

No Pink Caddy (ACE #1) by Layne Harper How fast can a pink ’57 Cadillac whisk me away from my dead-end life? Because my twenties have been less than what was promised in the college brochure. Then one day, it happens. Instead of falling in love with my best friend like I was supposed to, I meet a rock star who happens to be a fan of my site, You’d think…