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#FiveBlushReview #WomensFiction ~~ Big Summer by Jennifer Weiner

Rating: Big Summer by Jennifer Weiner Christina’s 5 BIG BIG Blush Review What a KNOCKOUT!! I absolutely devoured this book in all it’s delightfully juicy glory. During a time where our Nation and our World showcases a lot of doom and gloom, Jennifer Weiner brings us a BIG story about a plus-size Instagram Influencer and her complicated relationships with her best friends and herself. I loved the characters in Big Summer. Daphne and Drue are two life-long best friends with such a complicated, tumultuous relationship shedding competition, jealousy, love, and acceptance. The book reads like your favorite beach novel. Its...


#WomensFiction!! Mrs. Everything by Jennifer Weiner

Rating: Christina’s 4.5 Blush Review Does this book deserve a coveted place in your stylish beach bag this year? Absolutely. Does it read like a “beach read?” Nope. It’s so much more than that. Jennifer Weiner has truly outdone herself in this sweeping, prolific novel of two sisters coming of age and finding themselves during one of the most tumultuous and evolving times in American history. Even though the story is set decades in the past, it’s so unbelievably timely and relevant. Weaving together plot lines centered on sisterhood, family, ethnicity and culture, tradition, sexuality, trauma, love and healing, Mrs....