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⭐ It’s Live⭐ Perfect Tenn by Heather Dahlgren

Rating: ✫´*•.¸¸.•*★´*•.¸¸.•*✫ ⭐ It’s Live⭐ ★¸.•*´*•.¸✫¸.•*´*•.¸★  Perfect Tenn  By, Heather Dahlgren   Release Date: 2/14/17 Get it exclusively on Amazon CLICK HERE Blurb: What can I say about my life?  I teach four-year old’s, my friends are few and far between, and my parents’ sex talk would make a Playboy Bunny blush. Dating, well I think my drawer of toys can answer that, just ask my mother. I live with my best friend who I can’t survive without – Oh did I forget to mention he is sexy as f*ck. Tennyson, my best friend, decides he will figure out my love life. My...


Release Blitz & Review ~~ Renegade by Heather Dahlgren

Rating:   ~~Release Blitz~~ August 23, 2016 Renegade Heather Dahlgren   Synopsis: Brooklyn Adler has the life she’s planned for. Job, house, boyfriend – in that order. It’s a boring, routine life were there are no surprises and nothing is spontaneous. It’s safe, it’s mundane and she’s fine with that.Crosby Fitzgerald, better known as Fitz from the band Renegade, has a life he never planned for. Popularity, women and success – not always in that order. Everything he does is spontaneous and exciting, because life is worth living to the fullest. A chance meeting with Brooklyn and Fitz begins to...


Review ~~ Teacher by Heather Dahlgren & Ella Emerson

Rating: Teacher by Ella Emerson & Heather Dahlgren SYNOPSIS “High-school is such a bore. My town is such a bore. My life is such a bore. I want out. I need to get away to New York City and fulfill my dreams.” Trish Tess is itching to leave her perfect suburbia after high school to pursue her dreams in fashion. Her father has other plans though. If only Trish could make her father see that she wants more. A true Daddy’s girl, she wants to get into a little trouble to prove her point. But how? “Life is finally going as planned. I’ve...