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Review ~~ Teacher by Heather Dahlgren & Ella Emerson

Rating: Teacher by Ella Emerson & Heather Dahlgren SYNOPSIS “High-school is such a bore. My town is such a bore. My life is such a bore. I want out. I need to get away to New York City and fulfill my dreams.” Trish Tess is itching to leave her perfect suburbia after high school to pursue her dreams in fashion. Her father has other plans though. If only Trish could make her father see that she wants more. A true Daddy’s girl, she wants to get into a little trouble to prove her point. But how? “Life is finally going as planned. I’ve...

Blog Tour & Review ~~ The Vanilla Bet by Ella Emerson 0

Blog Tour & Review ~~ The Vanilla Bet by Ella Emerson

Rating: THE VANILLA BET by Ella Emerson Synopsis: Trace Weston lives in the beautiful Palm Beaches. A college student who would rather party his life away than accept his father’s company. He loses a bet at a college party and has to have a “vanilla” relationship with a girl he has never met.Vanessa Summers, moved to Florida to attend college for her love of the arts. She also left behind a dark past that haunts her every day. She meets Trace and is instantly taken with his irresistible charm. Will she be able to keep her secrets hidden? Will Trace...