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#AudibleReview ~~ Diary of a Bad Boy by @AuthorMegQuinn

Diary of a Bad Boy by Meghan Quinn Narrated by: John Hartley & Lauren Ezzo   Louisa’s 4 Blush Audible Review I am a HUGE Meghan Quinn fan and I just adored this book.  There’s an age gap, somewhat forbidden vibe, bad boy/good girl going on here so how could I not like it? I enjoyed the book (review) and it still holds true, every word, for the audible. The narrators are given a challenge because Roark is Irish and a woman speaking as a man in an Irish accent can be challenging and at times I felt that Lauren...


#ReleaseBlitz~~ Diary of a Bad Boy by Meghan Quinn

Rating:   Christina’s 4 Blush Review The moment a new Meghan Quinn book hits your kindle, you start mentally calculating how soon you’ll be able to start it. Me? I rearrange plans to start a new Meghan Quinn book. Priorities! Diary of a Bad Boy was everything we love about Quinn’s writing. It was funny, witty, steamy, unique and all around enjoyable. I loved the over-arching character development we witness in our hero- Roark. He’s a surely, brooding Irishman with a horrible temper and a penchant for bar fights. Your quintessential bad boy. By the end? He’s the swoon-worthy alpha...