Stephen King on a social media rampage!

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  1. EZE Darbs says:

    Thanks Abby. I follow a number of blogs for great new finds, opinions and for fun. I expect the blogger to be impartial and unbiased. My opinions or the bloggers shouldn’t be personal nor spiteful or an attack on an authors character. So I agree to “blackout” an author is not doing a just service to me or any of the flowers. Can we all play nice? Read for the pure enjoyment of it. Blog to share your unbiased opinions for those of us who enjoy following you, our reliable and trustworthy bloggers too.

  2. Megan says:

    The book blogging community has gone in a different direction over the past year, I think. There seems to be more push (at least on FB) to sell me something, instead of just talking about books. That’s been one of my biggest complaints lately. Bloggers are constantly posting and trying to get ME to click on THEIR link. I feel like I’m walking down a crowded marketplace with venders screaming, “Look over here! Buy this!” I don’t personally make money from Amazon because there is no affiliate program where I live. I don’t see anything wrong with monetizing your blog. Heck, if I had the affiliate program, I would take advantage. But when the focus is more on making money, rather than truly posting about books you either like or are excited about, it takes the authenticity away from blogging, in my opinion.

    I’ve taken a step back from FB honestly to focus on what I put on my blog. I blog for me. I blog for fun. When it stops being fun, I’ll either take a break or step away. Nosegraze actually had a really great post on this yesterday and I posted it in my book blogosphere post today:

    There is also a lot of drama in the community and that makes me sad. I don’t comment on any of it. I don’t post about it because that makes it worse. I will only say that I hope that both blogs and authors remember why they do what they do. I think that would go a long way in healing our community.