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Title: Sins of the Father: A Ravens Ruin Novel
Series: Ravens Ruin 
Author: Marie James
Genre: MC/Dark Contemporary Romance
Release Date: October 11, 2018

I’m not misunderstood.I’m not confused about my position in life.

I’m not looking for answers to explain why I am the way I am.

This is the logic others use to try to make sense of me. According to them,
there has to be a reason for my apathy. There has to be some sort of
explanation for the calculating way I run my Club. There has to be a root cause
for my depravity.

They can’t wrap their heads around the fact that I’m evil, that I’m darkness
personified. Doing so would force them to acknowledge that the Devil has left
Hell and is living among them.

Most people may think I’m Satan, but I answer to Lynch, President of the Ravens
Ruin MC, and the Antichrist doesn’t have sh*t on me.

Stephanie’s 4.5 Blush Review

Wow. Sins of the Father is my first Marie James book and it won’t be my last! It is book #1 in the Ravens Ruin series and it hits the ground running! It is definitely an acquired taste. The men are raw, rough and very alpha. The women, sensual and sexy.  The sex, oh the sex! Erotic and naughty. There is no missionary here! The sex alone blew me away. Other scenarios surprised me and had me cringe a bit. There is definitely an edge to this story.

Eric Jenkins aka ‘Lynch’ is the newly seated President of the Ravens Ruin MC Club. He has a lot of ground to cover. The former president, also his dad, died and left a mess for him to clean up. We are introduced to other members of the club: Chains, Hornet, Briar, Bostin, Ronan, Smalls, Axe and his brother TJ.  The club is all about loyalty above all else.

“Second chances are not something Ravens Ruin has ever been known for…”

Zoe aka Candi is looking for some excitement. Her mom is remarried and her dad has been randomly in and out of her life. She wants to rebel against her dad and what better way than to sleep with a biker. Candi has a “sexual bucket list.” And she’d like to check some items off. Candi talks her best friend Molly into taking her to the Ravens Ruin Clubhouse. Candi has an eye opening experience and is introduced to the way of MC club life.

“I’m not looking for love, Mols. I just want to experience some bad boy for once in my life.”

Marie Force takes us on quite a ride! The craziness and debauchery starts almost from the beginning. Lynch and Candi have raw, sexual chemistry that you can feel. They push each other’s boundaries in every way – sometimes practically over the edge! Lynch is such an alpha jerk! His anger and bitterness cause him to be emotionless. But the spark between him and Candi will not go away.

“My advice would be to steer clear of him at all costs. He’s a devious bastard.”

So…no spoilers here! You must read and see why Candi and Molly stay around. What is happening in the club and how will it affect Candi and Molly. There is “club business,” drama and some unexpected turns. The sex is insanely hot! The writing flows. The pieces of the story come together as the chapters melt away.

“Each time he touches me, I give a little piece of myself away.”

The men of Ravens Ruin are not soft or easy. Sins of the Father is a great start for the Ravens Ruin MC series. I cannot wait to read Briar’s story next in Purgatory’s Princess!!!

“I love women…but I’m smart enough to never trust one.”

Kerry’s 4.5 Blush Review

I always enjoy diving into a new series. Sins of the Father is book one in the Ravens Ruin MC series by Marie James. This is my first book by her, and she did not disappoint! From the the beginning I couldn’t put this book down. Now that I’m finished, I can’t wait for the next book in this series.

Eric Jenkins, aka Lynch, isn’t a stranger to the MC life. His father was the president, and now it’s Lynch’s turn to take over. He’s hardcore, cold, dangerous and he’s a trained killer. He’s fighting himself at times and struggling to prove himself.
Zoe Clark, aka Candi, is beautiful. She looks sweet, but don’t let her looks fool you. Candi is best friends with Lynch’s sister. They come to the compound, but once they arrive things begin to happen. The attraction between Lynch and Candi is instant. Both Lynch and Candi have secrets that hold them from moving forward. Can a man of his caliber be knocked down on his knees?
This book is gritty, raw, and dark. The storyline and characters were all encompassing. Marie James has outdone herself with this one. I can’t wait to see what else she has in store for this series. I’m so glad I took a chance on this one.
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Author Bio
Marie James is a full-time working mother of two amazing little boys and wife of almost 13 years. She enjoys reading in her spare time, and diet coke is always near. Central Texas is where Marie calls home and has lived most of her life. With 13 published books under her belt, she has no desire to stop writing anytime soon and has dozens of book ideas to keep her busy.
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