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Title: Magnolia Road

Author: J. Lynn Bailey

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Day: January 29th

Tera’s 5 Breathtakingly Beautiful Blush Review

I think J. Lynn Bailey has her own special place in my heart. It’s like she KNOWS I adore fabulous characters because the Granite Harbor series is packed FULL of them. Magnolia Road is no exception. The heroine in this book is Alex’s literary agent and best friend, Bryce, and the hero is a game warden, Ethan, both of whom we met in Peony Red and saw briefly in Violet Ugly.

Although this could be considered a second chance romance, it doesn’t have that same feel to it as some of the other stories I’ve read with that trope. The love between Ethan and Bryce is patient. It was built up slowly, delicately and like a present tied up in a nice little bow that you didn’t want to just rip open. You wanted to save it and unfold each page of the story slowly as to savor getting to the ending.

Where J. Lynn Bailey really got me with this one is how much I could relate to these characters and I truly feel that was due to the amazing secondary characters that were brought into the story as well. They were flawed. They were important. They were lovable. And they all added another layer to the story which I really loved.

Magnolia Road definitely has more of a romantic suspense feel like Peony Red which was exciting because the author is so incredibly good at it. It’s not overwhelming. It’s not dull. It’s just perfectly balanced with the romance built throughout the story.

Granite Harbor is one of my most favorite places to escape to. I look forward to every story and literally devour each book leaving me satisfied, but yet, still always wanting more. Magnolia Road is fabulous. It will stand alone, but I feel like reading the books in order would add a little bit more to the series for people to enjoy. Regardless, if you haven’t read a J. Lynn Bailey book yet, jump right in with this one.

Kerry’s 5 Blush Review

Second chance romance.

Magnolia Road is an emotional story full of suspense. There are some really heavy topics discussed in this book which only add to the emotional turmoil that you as a reader will experience. Bryce and Ethan shared a night of passion and Bryce thought she knew Ethan but she was wrong! Ethan kept his distance from Bryce for so long but the minute she arrives in Granite Harbor he knows it’s a matter of time before their paths will cross.

Granite Harbor is a small town in Maine. I fell in love with everything about the town in the previous books. The description and details make you feel like you’re actually there.

Bryce has spent some time in Granite Harbor in the past. But this time she’s hoping she can stay safely away from her secret she’s been hiding. While spending time with her best friend, Bryce struggles over her feelings for Ethan.

Ethan has built a wall around himself. His demons from being in the marines have played with his mind and life for so long that he can’t see he deserves a better life! Ethan is paralyzed from fear and Bryce is on a mission to help Ethan see he’s worth so much more than the life he’s living. Bryce is the light to Ethan’s dark side.

This author writes with so much conviction and has gotten so deep into my heart. Not many authors can make me emotional, but this one definitely did!

About Magnolia Road:

On the outside, Bryce Hayes is satisfied with the structure of her life, her demanding career, and a series of no-strings-attached relationships, but her brother bounces in and out of rehab, her mother thinks she can beat her son’s addiction, and her father is simply doing what he can to keep a semblance of “normal”. When Bryce’s father, Congressman Hayes, orders her to Granite Harbor, Maine, due to a string of threats to their family coming from an unidentifiable source, she doesn’t expect Ethan Casey, the sexy soldier who slept with her, then walked out, without so much as a goodbye, to be her landlord.

Ethan’s past is riddled with chaos, bullets, and loud noise. After returning to his small town after the war, he’s determined to get back to his roots. Peace, quiet, and working as a game warden for the Maine Warden Service sounds right as rain. But with Bryce in Granite Harbor, staying in his house on Magnolia Road, Ethan can’t stop thinking about his future—and that includes Bryce. But to make things right with the love of his life, he’ll have to open old wounds…and risk losing her forever.



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About the Author:

J. Lynn Bailey has loved to write since she learned to read, around the second grade. When she isn’t running after her children, watching COPS, or on the hunt for her next Laffy Taffy joke, you can probably find her holed up in her writing room feverishly working on her next book. She lives in Northern California with her family.

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