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Hopelessly Devoted

A.M. Myers


Logan “Storm” Chambers is no stranger to pain.

It’s been a constant in his life and unfortunately he’s had to learn to accept that. He may never find happiness or love but he’s got his club and the women they help and that’s good enough for him. Then there was her – Alison James. She’s a bright light in the never-ending darkness and he can’t do anything but cling to her, hoping for just another second of relief.

Alison James doesn’t date. One too many losers in her past made her wary of putting her heart on the line again but when she meets Storm, that all changes. One of the worst days of her life turns into something more and it doesn’t matter if she fights because each second, she loses a little bit more of her heart to this beautiful, intense stranger.

But when Alison’s life is threatened, can Storm push aside his past and protect the woman he loves? Or will he lose everything all over again?



Kerry’s 3.5 Blush Review

A.M. Myers is a new author to me. I am always excited to read a new author. I enjoyed the story; it flowed at times but then there were parts that were hard to know who was telling the story. This isn’t your typical MC book.  There’s nothing raw and gritty about it, which is what I was expecting with an MC book. This one is based on helping women and children to change their lives around for the better. It wasn’t solely based on Bayou Devils.

Storm is part of the MC. This is his story and it just may break your heart. Storm believes he doesn’t deserve to be happy and fall in love. Storm has some tragic events in his life which have made him a bit closed off. He accidentally runs into his neighbor, Ali, and just one look at her and he’s smitten and a bit scared. Ali is a spit fire. I loved her character.  She is all about work and hanging with her bestie.  Those two girls will have you laughing out loud. Ali doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to relationships, but Storm has made one heck of an impression.  The age old question comes to mind – Can love conquer all?

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