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Free Baller

By Rie Warren


Stephanie’s 3.5 Blush Review


The second book in the Bad Boy Ballers series featuring Brooklyn Holt. All of the Baller books can be read as a stand-alone but I recommend reading them in order. They are fast paced sports romance with a touch of angst and A LOT of sexy times.

Brooklyn Holt aka “Brooks” is recently divorced. He is disappointed that his marriage did not work out and that his wife did not share the same dreams as he did, including having a family. Trying to ease his pain of the divorce with women, a lot of women, has earned him the reputation of being a Baller….

My reputation preceded me. After the painful divorce, I’d maybe-sorta f@cked everything pretty that moved.

Delany Jones has lived a life quite the opposite. With pretty much no family except for an abusive husband, she craves the possibility of a loving family with children. She is alone and hiding from her husband. Delaney is closed off because of her hurtful past with her husband (soon to be ex).

…I wasn’t young enough, stupid enough, or foolish enough to put myself in the position of being any man’s joy ride.

Delany is the quarterback for the all-female Carolina Cougars Artemis Football League. They play during Carolina Crush’s half time. She is athletic, tough and in control. She will not be a victim again.

Brooklyn is easily attracted to the sleek, sexy quarterback. He tries his famous moves…and fails. So he tries again, this time with something more authentic and down home. Born and raised in Texas, he shares his love of the outdoors and his love of horses.

There was an instant attraction between them both. Their chemistry was sizzling hot with lots of sexy time. Delaney is strong and sweet. Brooklyn’s careful consideration of Delaney’s past unfolds with each chapter. Together they blossom and overcome their fears, but not without a bit of drama!

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