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Fool me once, shame on you.
Fool me twice, and I’m a damn idiot.
That’s what he does to me.
Ryker. Smith.
The first heartbreak is always the hardest to heal
And those wounds get ripped right back open,
When he walks back into my life.
Seven years,
It took seven long and grueling years,
To get that cocky, leather-wearing bastard out of my mind.
I thought I’d never get over him, never fix what he broke,
And now he’s back,
Every sexy inch of him,
The difference is now I’m taking charge.
This time he’ll be the fool.

=Dawn’s 3 Blush Review=

Sever by Alexis Noelle was the first book I read in the Deathstalkers MC series. I’m wondering if I had read them in order, would I have a different connection to this one. While I did enjoy Ryder and Megan’s story, I wanted to feel more for them. I loved the flashbacks to their past as kids. They definitely added to the story. More of them would have enhanced the book further.
Megan and Ryder met as teens. He was another foster child her parents had taken in. He was one among many. Megan struggled with being the children’s primary care giver. Her parents just used them as a pay check. Before Ryder, she didn’t have much of a life, just school and taking care of the kids. Things between the two got serious. But at almost 18, Ryder would be leaving soon. He had promised Megan he would come back for her. Then they could be together. Too bad fate had a different plan for them…
 Years later they are both still broken. Never fully getting over their first love. Having to do work with an accounting firm for his MC, Ryder comes face to face with the woman he has always loved. While Megan is in shock, when she sees Ryder in her place of work. Having no other choice, but to work together… Will they rekindle their love or is there too much pain between them?
Sever isn’t your typical MC Book, it is much more mild manner with minimal sex and violence. This one was more about the couple than the MC. It did feel a bit rushed. I need more of a build up in their present. Had it been longer, I would have enjoyed it more.  All in all, it’s was sweet ride with a few big twists.

Walking up, I see a few guys hanging around and talking so I make my way over to them.
Their eyes follow me the whole way and I momentarily regret wearing heels because
everyone knows heels and gravel just do not mix.
“You the chick from the accounting place?”
My first reaction is to correct him but I hold my tongue. These don’t look like the kind of
guys I really want to mouth off to and, really, in their world “chick” might be considered
a compliment. I use my hand to shield my eyes from the sun because squinting is never a
good look. “I’m looking for Ryder.”
The name doesn’t seem to register on any of their faces and for a minute I wonder if I
have walked into the wrong place. That would be just my luck.
“Megan.” I hear his voice and it still sends chills through me. “In here.”
There’s a click and a side door opens. I walk toward it, feeling the eyes of the bikers on
my back like daggers. When I get there, I peek inside. Its’s pretty basic, with only a desk
with a computer and a few different piles of papers to fill the space. I step inside,
smelling the faintest hint of mildew. It’s unpleasant, to say the least, and I scrunch up my nose.
“Why didn’t any of those guys know who you are?”
He doesn’t look at me. His gaze is on the papers in front of him as he sifts through them,
putting some in one pile and others in another. “Because people don’t call me that here,
and neither can you.”
“Really?” I laugh. “So what exactly am I supposed to call you?”
He sits down on the corner of the desk. “Tracker.”
I shake my head putting my purse down on the desk.
“Something wrong with my name?” His eyes narrow and my gut twists, reminding me of
the nerves I felt in the car.
“Apart from the fact that you aren’t a bloodhound and it isn’t your name?” I cross my
arms and jut out a hip. A lot has changed since high school. I’m no longer the pushover I
was, and part of that is because of him, and though I might have been hesitant to stand
up to the apes outside, the man in front of me is a whole different story.
“It is my name—at least, it’s my road name. It’s what everyone uses here.” He shakes his
head and starts turning on the lights before moving to the computer. The screen springs
to life, the display showing the same symbol that was on the back of his vest the other
“And if everyone jumped off a bridge, would you?” I arch an eyebrow at him. My body
might be completely on edge being this close to him, and my mind might be freaking out
thinking about all the memories of us, but my mouth has no problem poking the bear.
Ryder takes a few steps toward me, closing the distance between us until we are only a
few inches apart. Having him this close makes my heart feel like a jackhammer. “Listen,
as much as I like your smart mouth, you need to watch it around here. Respect is
important, so while people are around you need to rein that shit in. When it’s just us, run
that sexy mouth all you want.” He winks at me before walking past, his arm brushing
mine and sending a heat through me.
“You can’t say shit like that to me, Ryder. We aren’t kids anymore. I’m here to do a job
and that’s it.” I force my face to harden and wipe all emotion from it before turning
toward him.
“Whatever you need to help you sleep at night, princess. Thing is, we might not be kids
anymore, but I still know you better than you know yourself. I saw the way you looked at
me the other day.” He steps close to me, his head bending down until his lips are close to
my ear, the heat of his breath making my legs weak. “I know you feel this as much as I
do. I just have to wait until it consumes you and you come begging.”
“Screw you.”
“All in good time.” He winks before walking out the door.

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