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Book of the Dead

(Gods of Egypt #2)

They called me Angel of Death, but I am something else. Someone else. That is if you believe the Egyptian desert god, Seth, who haunted my dreams since I can think. Sounds crazy, huh?I, too, thought I was insane.
Broken beyond repair.

When Seth’s followers—the Black Flags—invaded our annual Halloween ball and slaughtered half the town, my nightmares became reality. Those crazy bastards think I’m the reincarnation of Nebt-Het, the Egyptian goddess of protection, that I can help Seth get his immortality back. It’s why they pushed my cousin, Izzy, through a portal to the Underworld, knowing I had no choice but to follow her.

Now, I’m trapped in this godforsaken place, forced to conquer all twelve caverns, with Seth by my side.

I was born into a Traveler clan. Grew up with tales of warriors and magic. I thought it was all bullshit. Fairytales. Until—

Nisha Blake, the girl of my dreams, caused an earthquake.
And an Egyptian God sent his crazy disciples to kill half the town.

I failed to protect Nisha. Couldn’t stop her from going after her cousin, from walking right into hell. Now, she’s in Seth’s world, bound to do what he wishes.

Our only chance, to get the girls back, is to find The Book of the Dead—some long lost magic tome, no one has seen or heard of in ages.

Wish us luck.
We’ll need it.



DO NOT read this review unless you read Book of Souls.

Can I tell you how relieved I was when Nadine Nightingale finished writing Book of the Dead?!  Book #1, Book of Souls, ended on a “hell” of a cliffhanger!

Nisha Blake has had to accept that she is Egyptian Princess Nebt-Het reincarnated.  Her beloved cousin Izzy has been kidnapped through a portal into the Underworld.  Only Nisha can save her though she might lose her life in the attempt.

Parallel back to Shaggy, Scooby, Blaze, and Oz who are trying to find the original Book of the Dead. Blaze being the reincarnated Medjay (as in the Phoenix) is the only one that can help Nisha and Izzy. Easy right? Not so much! Then there is the villain of the story – Seth. Is he really a villain or more of an anti-hero?  I mean he was betrayed by his wife and best friend.  You can’t blame the guy for being pissed off.

It’s obvious that Nadine is deep into Egyptian mythology or really did her research because it had me hooked!  Add running two simultaneous story timelines and it could get muddy.  No, it actually does not.  She wove mystery, love, angst, betrayal and paranormal elements seamlessly.  I thought I was ready for this ride to end but it turns out I’m not.

I could tell you more. Like the very interesting nuggets, we learn about Nisha. And Blaze. Or does Nisha really hate Seth?  No way! I’m not saying anything else.  Read it for yourself.

We now move into Book 3. Let me tell you, I’m here for it. Nadine get to writing!


AVAILABLE NOW ON AMAZON AND KU: https://amzn.to/2tjPmcJ



Nadine aka Dini is a traveler at heart. She considers the world her home and practically lives out of her suitcases. When she’s not glaring at a blank page or abusing her poor keyboard, she spends her time reading, watching movies (preferably horror), pretends to work out, and hangs out with friends and family. Poor girl also suffers from a serious Marvel superhero addiction. So, if you run into her at night, wearing black, know she’s secretly dreaming of being the infamous Black Widow.

Her love for writing started in the sixth grade where she annoyed her classmates with a short story featuring Sailor Moon characters, a cemetery, and creepy ghosts. Yes, she’s always been addicted to the dark side. Nadine writes paranormal romance. Her debut novel “Karma” the first book in her paranormal romance series Drag.Me.To.Hell. is published by the Wild Rose Press.

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