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Sandy’s 3.5 Blush Review

 I enjoy discovering new authors and don’t hesitate to read a debut novel given the opportunity. Wallflower by indie author Krista Gold will be one of my last reads for 2018.

Tessa George is left alone, in her mother’s beautiful mansion, with a huge inheritance after her famous author Mom dies in a car accident.  Grief stricken, she spends her days swimming, reading and interacting with a very small circle of friends, as she comes to terms with her loss. 

Until, Emilio (her neighbor’s landscaper), steps onto her property with his giants shears like a Freddy Kruger nightmare and literally scares her so badly that she faints.  Explanations and apologies are exchanged.  Tessa finds herself irresistibly drawn to this gorgeous man who seems to feel the same way about her. 

Tessa gets an unbelievable offer from her mother’s publisher.  The biography that she didn’t get to finish, using her journals, Tessa is the only one that can write it.  Turns out her mother had a whole other life that no one knew about, but wait, there is MORE!  An illicit affair.  A married man.  A scorned spouse?  More discoveries lead Tessa to start wondering whether her mother’s death was an accident.  Hamm.  Can Tessa do this?  Should she do this?  Is she risking her life by looking into these events?  It would seem so when Tessa starts getting menacing notes in her mailbox.  Then things go sideways real fast and what I thought was going to be a steamy romance turns into a thriller with quite a few twists and turns.  

My thoughts on Wallflower as a whole?  I liked the protagonist and the supporting characters very much.  Quiet, shy, Tessa the virgin, transforms into a sex siren consumed with her desire for Emilio.  He pops her cherry on her living room floor and neither one of them mentions it?  That left me a little….really?!  The sex?  There is lots and lots and lots of sex.  Don’t get me wrong, I love sexy reads, in this case I felt it was just a tad too much.  I really liked the twists in Wallflower but felt that a little more time should have been spent developing that aspect of the story.   

I enjoyed Krista Gold’s writing and I look forward to watching her talents evolve and mature with her next book. 


(The Gardener #1)

by Krista Gold 

Left wealthy but alone after her famous mother’s death, Tessa George is slowly beginning to rebuild her life when she is knocked off her feet – quite literally – by her neighbour’s sexy gardener. Shy and inexperienced with men, Tessa is stunned when the devastatingly handsome Emilio kisses her, and the two are soon fully embroiled in a steamy affair, with Tessa’s sexuality blossoming under Emilio’s expert attention.

When Tessa receives the job offer of a lifetime, it seems like all the pieces of her life are finally falling together. But then Tessa finds her mother’s explicit journals, and they raise more questions than they answer about her mother’s secret life. Just what was Tessa’s mother involved in? Who was her mysterious lover? And does someone have unfinished business with Tessa? Tessa needs to weed out the truth – and fast. 

Can Tessa bloom into the woman she was meant to become – or does she need to wake up and smell the roses? 

Part Fifty Shades, part psychological thriller, “Wallflower” will keep you guessing until the very end. 

Available Now on Amazon and free is KU: https://amzn.to/2rYjiKy

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