#Review ~~ Confessions Of A Chatterbox by Abigail Davies


Release Date: November 8, 2018

Cover Design: Pink Elephant Designs

Sandy’s 3.25 BLUSH Review

Ella Magpie is a living the life of so many 21st century business owners.  She manages her very successful business (freelance graphic designer) from the sofa of her New York apartment.  Her roommate, friend, her boyfriend, aka Chad, happens to be gay and she willingly play his “beard”.  Ella gets on a plane to LA at the invitation of her previous teacher to lecture her own class.  Why not?  Little does she know that this invitation will be the beginning of the end for the life that she thought she was comfortable living.  Ella is funny.  She’s smart, snarky, totally knows herself and messiness triggers her OCD big time.

JJ is autistic – let me just put that out there.  He is a college student getting a degree in education.  Though some of his behavior I found realistic – there were other times that things fell flat for me.  Though I give Abigail Davies credit for giving us a male lead that is not the usual alpha.

Ella ends up renting in the home that JJ shares with his father, Jeffery, after being introduced to them by her cousin Violet (Confessions of a Klutz).  You can imagine what comes next right?  JJ is a puzzle to Ella.  However, he is a grown man with the body and urges of a grown man.  Funnily enough, some of the behaviors of his autism compliment Ella’s need for neatness and order.  They are sweet and sexy together.  I even believe that his feelings for her are what give him the courage to finally respond to the guys that were bullying him in school.  Their relationship I can understand.

Jeffery’s reaction when he found out that Ella and JJ were having sex, I did not understand.  Way too easy and unconcerned about it.  “Hey you guys are adults so do whatever just be safe”.  What?  Really?  They may be adults but this father scheduled his whole life around his son and helping him thrive.  I just could not see his handing over his son to this woman they just met.  Then as I move past my reaction to that situation, woooooosh! the book was over.  Abigail Davis dealt with quite a few heavy topics in Confessions of a Chatterbox yet kept the book from feeling dark and heavy.  However, the ending felt very rushed.  A few more pages were needed, IMHO, to give these characters room for their HEA.


Confession One: I was a self-confessed chatterbox.
Words were my best friend.
They loved me almost as much as I loved my pajamas and unwashed hair.


Confession Two: I hated outside people.
I was happiest sitting on my sofa, my favorite show in the background,
and my laptop open while I worked.
Being my own boss was freaking awesome.
So why the heck had I accepted this new teaching job on campus?


Going back to the sunny state was the last thing I wanted to do.
It was only meant to be for one day—one talk.
But life had a funny way at throwing you for a loop.


Confession Three: I was the best secret keeper.
It was ironic considering I never stopped talking.
But I’d do anything for my best friend.
Until him.


Confession Four: I’d never met anyone like him.
He was different, but not in the way that everyone else viewed him.
He made my heart stutter and my breath catch.
But worst of all, he made my words disappear.





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Abigail Davies grew up with a passion for words, storytelling, maths, and anything pink. Dreaming up characters–quite literally–and talking to them out loud is a daily occurrence for her. She finds it fascinating how a whole world can be built with words alone, and how everyone reads and interprets a story differently. Now following her dreams of writing, Abigail has found the passion that she always knew was there. When she’s not writing: she’s a mother to two daughters who she encourages to use their imagination as she believes that it’s a magical thing, or getting lost in a good book. If she’s doing neither of those things, you can be sure she’s surfing the web buying new makeup, clothes, or binge watching another show as she becomes one with her sofa.


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