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Title: My Unexpected Love (The Beaumont Series: Next Generation #2)
Author: Heidi McLaughlin
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: April 10, 2018
Cover Designer: Sarah Hansen Okay Creations.
Hosted by: Buoni Amici Press, LLC.

Ben Miller met the love of his life the day he crossed paths with Elle James in their high school cafeteria. New to Beaumont, he took a chance when he approached her. Their first encounter was everything his mother ever read to him about fairy tales. He saw the girl who would be his forever.

From the moment Elle James met Ben Miller they’ve been best friends. Everything they did, they did it together, from late night study sessions, family vacations, throwing bottles off the water tower, going to prom and finally moving to California for college.

However, after the almost tragic accident where she nearly lost her twin sister, Elle’s life hasn’t been the same, and neither has her relationship with Ben.

One fateful decision changes the scope of Ben and Elle’s relationship. For one, it means a new beginning. For the other, it means change.

Stephanie’s 4 Blush Review

“It’s funny how the most important part of your life is standing right in front of you…you just have to turn around…..”

Heidi McLaughlin brings us the next generation of The Beaumont Series. This is the second book in the spin-off. Although it is a standalone, I recommend that you read book #1 Holding On To Forever first because it has a lot of the back story and details. It will give you a better understanding of some of the characters and what they have experienced. This is Elle & Ben’s story.

Elle Powell-James grew up in the small town of Beaumont where she was just a normal kid. Except she wasn’t. Elle’s dad is in the famous band 4225 West. While she went to school and did chores like “normal” kids, her summers were spent touring the country with 4225 West along with her family and her best friend, Ben.

Ben & Elle were inseparable. The best of friends. Elle’s family treats Ben as one of their own, extended family. He’s been around since Elle & Peyton, her twin sister, started high school. They have a friendship that is solid, except, Ben wants to be more than friends. Over the years Elle has made a permanent mark in Ben’s heart. He is afraid to express himself for fear of losing her…..

“I’m in love with her, and I have been since high school. For me, it was love at first sight.”

Now in college, Elle is struggling after her twin sister Peyton almost died in a terrible car accident. She is on a path of self-destruction. A downward spiral. Emotional and lost. She will soon to hit rock bottom……

“Elle, you’re lost at the moment, nothing more.” “Well maybe I can be found.”

Ben. Poor Ben. He has been in the “friend” zone entirely too long. He puts up with Elle’s selfish behavior and crazy antics. Always there to pick up the pieces and make sure she is safe. He fears rejection if he confesses his true feelings. Until one night they cross that line…

“One fateful decision changes the scope of Ben and Elle’s relationship. For one, it means a new beginning. For the other, it means change.”

And so it begins. The story has a very slow build up and then a slow pace. There is heart ache, drama, angst, and regret. Change must occur, but who will be the one that changes? I really enjoyed Holding On To Forever and I was looking forward to Elle’s story. I felt that her story was anti-climactic. The writing is good, but I was a bit disappointed. But all is not lost!!! There is a lead in to the next book which I believe will be Quinn’s! Quinn, Elle & Peyton’s brother, is a musician. He is “stoic” and “expressionless.” I can’t wait to see what woman will bring him to his knees!





Heidi McLaughlin is a New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author of The Beaumont Series, The Boys of Summer, and The Archers.
Originally, from the Pacific Northwest, she now lives in picturesque Vermont, with her husband and two daughters. Also renting space in their home is an over-hyper Beagle/Jack Russell, Buttercup and a Highland West/Mini Schnauzer, JiLL and her brother, Racicot.
When she’s isn’t writing one of the many stories planned for release, you’ll find her sitting court-side during either daughter’s basketball games.
Heidi’s first novel, Forever My Girl, has been adapted into a motion picture with LD Entertainment and Roadside Attractions, starring Alex Roe and Jessica Roth, in theaters January 19, 2018.
To stay connected with Heidi visit www.facebook.com/authorheidimclaughlin or heidimclaughlin.com

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