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Words like unnatural and impure started the whispers.From the very beginning, Ivy Blackwood was different. She was only a child when she was accused of setting the fire, one she passively watched engulf the small house she had called home. Her fingertips burned and her hair singed. Some who watched her crossed themselves, convinced she was soulless for she showed no emotion at all. Calm and dispassionate, even when the screaming started that quickly turned to bellows of agony before dying into nothing but the roaring of the fire.

She was locked away where she couldn’t bring harm to herself or others. To all involved, they had protected the world from a monster, but sometimes things are not what they seem.




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Kerry’s 5 Blush Up All Night Review

I really don’t know were to begin with writing this review! When you have read everything by a particular author, and you automatically read her books without reading the blurb, and then she drops a paranormal, it’s definitely one way to catch me off guard.  Paranormal is typically something I would never pick up. However, I’m so excited I did because L.A. Fiore has opened my eyes to a world of darkness and light. Two different worlds collide. I was so incredibly intrigued. The Gathering is truly an amazing story. 

I knew I was reading a fabulous story because I felt chills running down my spine while I was reading. It kept me on the edge of my seat. I really can’t say enough about Ivy’s story, and L.A. Fiore has done an incredible job bringing this story to life. Be afraid of what’s lurking in the dark. I read this so slowly because I didn’t want to miss a thing. I love how the darkness was blended with each character. Ivy and Bain have a unique romance. Honestly, I’m excited for the next book. I wish I could have given it more than 5 stars.


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The Gathering CR-410343494_1421047054858640_6561015225588014400_n

LA Fiore is a hybrid author of thirteen novels. She believes in a happily ever after, but she likes to make her readers work for it. When she’s not writing, she can usually be found in the garden or hanging on the deck with her family and friends. She lives in Bucks County, Pennsylvania with her husband and two kids and their four fur babies.

The Gathering CR-5

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