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Erotic Romance

A dirty-mouthed prince who always gets what he wants falls for the one woman determined to put him in his place.

Prince Alex may be next in line for the throne, but his reputation is more tarnished than a silver-plated ring. And his new leggy blond lawyer, Lily is putting her foot down.

No strippers. No wild nights with world leader’s daughters. No more dirty royals.

Too bad Alex is more focused on putting Lily down, face-first on a bed, than cleaning up his act. The question is, how much self-restraint can one woman possess?

Kerry’s 3.5 Blush Review

Dirty Royals is a fast paced novella full of lust, temptation and just the right amount of humor.

Prince Alex is a charming yet arrogant, handsome and rich playboy. Women fawn all over this guy and when he starts to make a name for himself in the media, Lily is hired to try and mend his reputation.
Lily lives a simple life which changes drastically as she starts working for Prince Alex. She is a strong willed, smart and capable woman who doesn’t take crap from anyone and appears at first, immune to Alex’s charm.
The passion between these two characters is explosive and I really enjoyed their story. I especially loved the way Lily “handles” Prince Alex. She is a great heroine. If you’re looking for a quick steamy read to enjoy on the beach in these final summer days, grab this one. You won’t be disappointed.


About the Author:
Gigi Thorne is a group of Amazon, USA Today and NYT bestselling authors who came together under one name to write bite-sized romance for the naughty girl.

We will bring you weekly releases in the shape of sexy, irresistible novellas you can devour in one sitting.

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CLANDESTINE ROYAL was written by bestselling author Stevie J. Cole. You can find her here:

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