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It’s my last night in town, and I’m not flying home until this girl is flat on her back with her ankles up around her shoulders and my dick so deep inside her she’ll never want another cock again.
Hot, English businessman Ashton made a pact not to screw up his friendship with Justine ‘JJ’ Jenkins over a cheap one-night stand. Now, two years later, he’s going out of his mind with wanting her — but she’s still off-limits. Now school is over, and his control is wearing thin. They’ve got one last night together, and he’s determined to make it an experience she’ll never forget.
The one girl he can’t have is going to have the night of her life. And with a sexy game of dare on the table, it won’t take long…
***Discover THE INVITATION, the red-hot new series from #1 erotica bestseller Roxy Sloane.**
Nicole’s 5 Star Review
 You know that scene in the movie “A League of Their Own” when Madonna comes out of confession and the priest opens the confessional door and his collar is askew, his hair is mussed and he appears to be sweating? Yeah, that was me after I finished reading Roxy Sloane’s The Invitation  (The Invitation series prequel). Holy hot and bothered, Batman!! This book is hot!! I mean fan your face, make sure the kids don’t read over your shoulder, “Honey, I don’t have a headache tonight” hot!! And it’s the beginning of a great story…
Justine and Ashton are best friends and have been throughout law school. They bust each other’s chops, cut the BS and truly adore each other. The reason that their friendship is so strong is because they vowed early on that they wouldn’t have sex with each other. That is until the night of the law school graduation, when they could fight their attraction no more. Let’s just say, things escalated quickly!!
This prequel has set the stage for an incredibly hot and interesting new series! For those who’ve read her before (like Abby), you KNOW that Roxy Sloane can write some hot stuff!! For those of us who are just getting introduced to her writing, Roxy has our full attention! Can’t wait to read the rest of this series!!
Dawn’s 5 Star Review
This my first book from Roxy Sloane… Damn woman you can get down and dirty and I love it. Holy lord of the hotness!!! I hope this book comes with a warning label that should read, so hot may cause a fire or ruined panties! Also, I do not recommend reading it in public. You should either be alone or preferably with your partner 🙂 From the filthy dirty talking to the radiating heat from the two main characters, I could not stop blushing and squirming in my seat!! It’s a quick read but filled with so much. It’s fun, flirty, steamy and enticing with very intriguing characters. Sometimes a goods ole dirty, but a well written book is all you need. It brought a smile to my face and a pep to my step…..
We meet Justine and Ash. Two college buddies, both admitted players. Who swore never to ruin their friendship and get involved…. Until their final night together, then all their carnal desires come to fruition!! You will have to read it to find out happens. Two words: Smokin’ Hot!!!
This is the perfect invitation into a new series. I have become  huge fan of prequels lately. They draw you in and give you just enough of a taste.  Sometimes a quicky is all you need. Hee hee 🙂 There’s nothing like a good tease. Anticipation is key while waiting for the next book. This book totally got many attention! I am so looking forward to more.
Kristine’s 5 Star Review
You must read The Invitation by Roxy Sloane, it is the Reading for Pleasure book of 2014! This is the first book I’ve read of Roxy’s and with this little taste from this prequel, I need more.  Roxy wrote this short story that hooked me from page one and leg clenching by paragraph 2. I really don’t know how it happened, just that this women is magical with her words, she uses them to make a whirl wind of sexiness engulfing you with no way out, not that you want one!
“I’ll find your secret pleasure.  I’ll bring those wicked dreams to life.  And when you’re begging for me, your body aching with desire, so close to the edge you can’t speak, or think, or even breathe because you need my ……..”      I have to  stop those sexy words there….you’ll find out the rest when you read this and oh, you so must!!!  Not sure who said these sexy words yet, I have my suspicions, but this is a taste of Roxy’s words!!  She knows her erotica!!  Just brilliant!!
Justine and Ashton meet in college and are so alike.  In college there are a lot of hook ups and forgotten relationships.  They did not want this so they decided to be friends with no benefits.  So after spending years together of early morning breakfasts and late night study sessions and getting to know  one another better then they know themselves, what are they to do?  How do they spend their last day together before they go off to start their futures?
My excitement is jumping up and down right now writing this review! I just love sharing my thoughts on books that made my erogenous zones set off the fire alarms!!  With all the ” please I just have to go back to college!” and “where was Ashton when I went to college?!” rants there were parts that made me giggle too!  I loved these characters, as short as this story is I got a feeling of who they are and I made a connection. I felt a lot of emotions in a very short time, this left me in a happy bliss of OMG I need the next one right now!!  As you can read, I am very excited for the next book after this one called The Surrender.  Roxy, you just earned a new die hard fan!!  You earned FIVE explosive stars from me!!!!
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About The Author

Roxy Sloane is a romance junkie with a dirty mind. She lives in Los Angeles with her hot ex-military hubby and her two kids. She loves writing sexy, complex stories about pushing the boundaries and risking it all.

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