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They grew up together as the closest of friends… and then more. When Sara Nolan and Jaxon Barlow decided to be together, their relationship as a young couple was consumed by a love that was both passionate and beautiful. Sara had it all when it came to a boyfriend: romance, trust, and a protector of all things bad. Jaxon had given her his bleeding heart for the keeping.

The last thing Sara expected was to ruin it all. Falling into a darkness that turned her loving relationship into a chaos of deceit and violence, she walked away from the pain she was inflicting on the man she loved, never seeking to return again.

But when Sara is forced to return to her hometown, she didn’t anticipate for Jaxon to be there. Nor does she anticipate the change in him; a change so harsh and callous, he is a stranger with a dangerous agenda of his own. Ignited by her past feelings and the reminder of the guilt she carries in her heart, Sara attempts to avoid Jaxon at all costs… only to find herself trying to pull him out of the same darkness she was once in.

Burn picks up where Ignite ended.

Sara is in the hands of Remy “Reaper” Martinez, the VP of the much feared Black-backed Jackals MC.

Following a violent altercation that leaves Sara’s life in jeopardy, she is thrust into the world of the Jackals where trusting people is tricky… especially when there’s a mole in the midst.

A mole that answers to one man and one man only: Jaxon Barlow.

Abby’s review 5 stars

These two books combined give you everything you need from a good MC read.  It’s hard where it needs to be and soft as well.  I cried.  A lot.  I loved this.  A lot.  This is a huge rollercoaster ride that is sure to make you fall in love with a motorcycle book.  I kind of love this genre but often lately I have read some with more gory sex than great story.  I promise this has tons of story.  This is one you won’t be disappointed in!

I asked R.J. Lewis to talk with us a little and this is what she has to say…

I’ve always been a writer at heart but never had the courage to let anyone read my stories. Not even my husband! I made a resolution in 2013 that I would publish a story via Amazon. There is such a vast opportunity nowadays for indie authors to make a real go at getting their work out there without a middle man. This appealed to me greatly.
Still, I didn’t have the courage until December rolled around. By then, I didn’t think anything of it and I thought it would be poorly received. I never expected the level of love I’m getting now – and I appreciate every honest review, no matter how poor it is or how nice it is, these are things I listen to and work hard on to create an appealing book for an audience.
I worked on Ignite on and off for a year. Ten minutes here and ten minutes there. I wanted to create real life characters that people could relate to. Instead of your typical antagonist-type hero with a damaged soul, I wanted to turn the tables around. I wanted readers to be in the mind of a crazy woman whose past molded her into the flawed person she became. I wanted her to realize how far she had pushed someone she loved and how unknowingly she’d turned into her worst enemy – her abusive father.
In NO way would I EVER condone domestic violence, and I would never defend Sara and why she did the things she did. However, I wanted to send out the message that one can change who they are – that they don’t have to be defined by their past mistakes, and that they CAN change if they WANT to.
Of course, the two books turned into a MC romance. I’d been told many times there are similarities to the SOA show. Ironically, those closest to me know, I watched two episodes of the first season and couldn’t stand it. Instead, I got hooked on a lot of bikie documentaries and it fed my obsession to write about it.
Future MC romance books will revolve around separate characters and will stray from the heavy bikie aspect I had put in with Burn. My reasoning for it in Burn was due to the fact both love interests were VPs of their own clubs and there was a conflict of interest.
I’m also working on less gritty, more angsty novels. I have an upcoming book titled “Kiss a Stranger” due for release in March.
My goal for every story I tell is character development – I think if the reader can connect in some way to a character, then it makes all the work I put into my story worth it.
I write because I enjoy it, and I enjoy entertaining readers. You will always expect a fair and affordable price for every book I sell.
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