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Playing By Heart is an enemies-to-lovers, rock star romance that is hot, sexy and really funny! Jesse Lee has hit rock bottom. His career is on the line. He has to get it together and follow some rules. Not so easy for this bad boy of rock. He is used to partying and having it his way. With his career at stake he must abide by the rules set by his record company to get him back on track. But did I mention rock bottom… It is certainly a long climb back to the top. He is such an egotistical jerk!

“He’s made it clear from day one that all he’s interested in is finding the next available vagina.”

Bethany Parks lives a simple life. She works hard and enjoys what she does. Her life is predictable and she’s ok with that. Jesse comes storming in like a typhoon. But Bethany is immune to his charms. She has had her own issues to deal with. She is sweet, honest and caring. 

“She’s so ordinary, she practically blends in with the eggshell color walls.”

Things start to change as Jesse and Bethany spend time together. Their walls come down as well as their preconceived misconceptions that they had about each other. But can they fit into each other’s worlds? I was so annoyed with Jesse in the beginning of the book but that is a good thing! JB Salsbury brought that emotion out of me. There is definitely a build up between Jesse and Bethany. 

It was nice to see Jesse’s transformation from a total self-centered jerk to a decent, caring guy. There are lots of laugh out loud, tender, and heart breaking moments as well. A surprise crossover character from the Fighting Series joins the band (guess who!).

Playing By Heart is fast paced and pretty straight forward. It is on the contemporary side. I enjoyed Jesse and Bethany’s story. There are definitely secondary characters who also have a story to tell like Bethany’s best-friend/roommate Ashleigh as well as other band members! 

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Jesse Lee is the worst! He’s a multi-millionaire, triple-platinum-selling, Grammy-Award-winning man-slut—a worldly, self-indulgent heathen. I wouldn’t sleep with him if he were our last chance to ensure survival of the human race. The only reason I put up with him is because he’s my boss’s brother.

Whatsherface is one of those holier-than-thou types.She’s bossy, has a horrific singing voice, and she’s so ordinary, she practically blends in with the eggshell-colored walls—the complete opposite of anyone I’d bang. The only reason I put up with her is because my career is on the line.Playing by Heart is an enemies-to-lovers romance where opposites not only attract, they ignite.

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