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The Perfect Game -J. Sterling 2

The Perfect Game -J. Sterling

Rating: The Perfect Game, A swoon, Awe, just a feel good book.  I have been reading a lot of books with so much angst lately and this was a warm welcome.  Don’t get me wrong there is some conflicts in the story, enough to keep you intrigued but this story overall had a lot of love.  I was Rooting for Cassie and Jack the whole time.  Even when he hurt her I wanted it to be okay.  There was the perfect blend of romance and sex but it never felt to mushy or over done.  Well done J. Sterling!  This...

My affair with words 1

My affair with words

I’m having an affair with words. Stories have been captivating my soul. It’s a love affair in so many ways. The way a story can embrace my heart, can entertain, make me laugh. Make me cry. Think things, feel things, that perhaps I want to hide. I’m having an affair with words. I’m compelled to read, compelled to write. I’m inspired. Words once saved me. My mind would race from all the heartache the world threw on my shoulders. Writing would ease so much of the hurt. Words on a page from my heart and soul would dry my young...

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