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Blushing Babes are Up All Night’s Book Review Policy


We love to read and review books! Here at Blushing Babes are Up All Night Book Blog, we share our thoughts and opinions on the books we have read. We are also available to be a part of blog tours and cover reveals along with helping with book releases, signings, events, giveaways, and character and/or author interviews.

We may, from time to time, use a guest reviewer, who will be acting on behalf of Blushing Babes are Up All Night Book Blog.

We love to read books in the following genres:

  • Young Adult/New Adult Romance
  • Adult/Mature Adult Romance
  • Adult Contemporary
  • Erotic Romance
  • Paranormal
  • Urban Fantasy
  • Suspense/Romantic Suspense
  • Romantic Comedy
  • Women’s Fiction

If your book falls into one of these genres, we would be honored to read and review your book. Please note we do not only read and review ARCs…we purchase many of the books we read and review.

Please email your submission to blushingbabesareupallnight@gmail.com and include the following:

  1. Title
  2. Author
  3. Genre
  4. Book description, (This is very important.  We get many requests per day and unfortunately do not have the time to look up all books on Goodreads.)
  5. Release Date & Time frame to read
  6. What you are needing/wanting us to do
  7. If we agree to a review, our preferred reading format is .mobi

At any given time, we may have a lengthy reading list so we can’t accept every book for review. When we do read your book, know that we always review it with honesty and with respect. If we accept your book and are not able to provide a review or cannot give it a good rating, we will contact you directly to provide you with feedback. We do not accept compensation for a positive review.

We publish our reviews on our blog to subscribers. We also share it on our Facebook page and Twitter, on Goodreads, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble. We will let you know when your book’s review has been posted.

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to be a part of this journey with you! We are so honored that you have considered us to review your work or to help in other areas (blog tour, etc).


Abby, Louisa, Nicole, Tera, Jade, Stephanie, Christina and Sandy

7 Responses

  1. Kay Manis says:

    I’ve been looking at blogs all day wondering who to entrust my very first novels to for review. Some bloggers are very forthcoming with the fact that they have no problems reaming you a new one if they don’t like you’re book. Writing a book is much like birthing a child, you’re very protective of it. I was so happy to hear you all say that you respect each author’s manuscript and actually thanked authors for allowing you all to be part of our the journey (and it is a journey, that’s for sure!). I plan to submit my books to you for review. Hopefully not only will you accept my manuscripts but you’ll also enjoy them!

    • Dawn Robinson says:

      Thank you, Kay, for taking the time to visit and let us know about your books! We do feel it is a journey for you as an author and appreciate all the authors who entrust us with their ‘babies’.

  2. Michelle Knight says:

    I sit here, pondering the classifications and wonder whether your taste includes erotic romance books which encompass alternate lifestyles. If that kind of thing tickles your fancy, then drop me a response and I’ll get a copy to you.

  3. Kim Briggs says:

    Hi, My name is Kim Briggs and I would love, love, love you to review my new adult dark thriller, AND THEN HE.

    AND THEN HE combines sex and evil in all the right ways. Think Bared to You meets Misery.
    The fifth year reunion. Tiffani thought she’d suck the lifeblood out of a dozen exotic locations by her fifth year reunion. She certainly didn’t envision herself as a diner waitress serving giant slices of pie to diabetic townies. The best-selling author she planned to become now writing, “Hold the pickles.” Yet limited funds, monstrous debt, and a high school sweetheart with big league ambitions of his own force her to set aside her own dreams. She soon discovers loneliness is a seductive mistress.
    Enter sexy stranger.
    Tiffani spends most of the reunion with Jeb, a classmate she doesn’t even remember. He awakens a hunger in her that both frightens and excites her. Tiffani mistakes Jeb’s lifelong obsession for love at first sight and soon finds herself a prisoner, but it’s a hot, steamy trip to get there.

    The book is live on Amazon, so I would love a review at any time.
    I’m looking for an honest review from a new adult book blog so I can tweet and promote AND THEN HE.

    Looking forward to talking to you soon!

  4. Please consider reviewing my new novel The Scopas Factor.
    An Hmong “story cloth,” the Gadsden flag, forged Picassos and a Russian drug dealer.
    How these disparate elements are linked, is Mike Hegan’s latest challenge in The Scopas Factor.
    Now on sabbatical from the Chicago Police Department, Hegan will travel from Chicago to California – where he’ll “meet” his girlfriend’s parents – before being drawn to the South of France.
    Gradually, each component of his quest will fall into place.
    As if facing down a gang who have committed atrocious crimes in Southeast Asia and a drug dealing oligarch is a walk in the park – there are the women.
    Three – the traditional one, the aggressive one and the love of his life.
    What about Scopas? It’s all Greek to Hegan.
    Panettiere has also written A Woman to Blame, the first Mike Hegan mystery and The Internet Financing Illusion about the dark side of the Internet.
    His latest novel was the award-winning and critically acclaimed These Thy Gifts.

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