UAN: We are so excited to sit down with you guys today!  We loved your heartwarming story in Heartless.  You guys had us tearing up, wanting to reach in and hug you and other times holding ours bellies from all the laughter!  You two are so amazing!  Thank you so much for letting us ask you some much needed questions from us fan girls over at Up All Night Book Blog!

  Jules:   Thanks for having us! You wanted to hug me and smack Charlie right?

Charlie:   Psh, asshole please. I’m the loveable one. You’re the annoying little brother that needs to be bitch smacked.

Jules: I’ll show you bitch smack. **back hands Charlie’s bicep**

Charlie: Ow! **back hands his thigh, hitting his junk on accident**

Jules: Oh God! *sucks in deep breath* I think you sterilized me.

Charlie: *laughs* The worlds better off. Sorry, you were saying?

UAN: What made you want to share your story with us Charlie?

Charlie: It was a big decision for me. It’s actually Callie’s fault. She made me realize my story may help other people in rough situations. She’s always told me I was stronger than I know. So, I decided to find someone that would tell it like it is…and that’s when I found Vanessa Marie to help me out.

UAN: Was it hard moving away from the only family you have known???

 Charlie: Yes! I was only seven and it took me a long time to realize we weren’t moving back. The only thing that got me through was my dad and Jules and Callie keeping in touch.

UAN: I know what its like to move around a few times, not 19 times though… So where would you say was one place you would stay and plant you roots?

Charlie: Honestly? Anywhere my dad, Jules and Callie are. My dad’s always said it’s not where you live but who your with that makes someplace a home. They’re my family. And even though I want to strangle one of them daily, my roots are with them. Thankfully it’s in Beaufort, SC.

UAN: Did you meet any hotties along the way that you would like to mention?

Charlie: Most of the guys were assholes and not worth mentioning. Except Sam. He’s just… Incredible.

UAN: What was harder dealing with your condition or moving constantly?

 Charlie: My condition for sure. I had to grow up fast. Never really had a real childhood because I was always in and out of the hospital. It’s a lot for an adult dealing with life and death issues. Imagine dealing with it as a kid. It was pretty hard and scary at times. But I just gave the Grimm Reaper the middle finger and pushed through.

UAN: Anything you want to say to kids with the sane condition are you???

 Charlie: Hang in there and have faith in something. Don’t let your illness define you. It’s a part of what makes you you…but it’s not WHO you are. Kick it’s ass and take names!

UAN: When is the first time you rode a motorcycle?

 Charlie: I was 8 the first time I rode on the back of my dad’s Harley. That’s all it took and I was hooked. The first time I rode alone, I was twelve. Most amazing feeling ever.

UAN: We know you have a big appetite, what could you eat if there was a shortage of food and you had to pick one thing and eat it for a couple weeks straight.

Jules: big appetite. *snort* that’s the understatement of the century. She could eat an entire cow in one setting if you let her. I mean, just look at her ass. It’s huge.

**punches him in the arm**

Jules: you need anger management. You’re so abusive.

Charlie: don’t talk about my ass and you won’t get hit. Anyway, to answer your question. Pizza. Definitely Pizza.

UAN: Being a biker girl Charlie, were you ever nervous to ride?

Charlie: really. The way I looked at it, I’d almost died a few times by the time I got on a bike. My life has always been out of my control. On my bike, I’m in complete control. There’s nothing else like it.

UAN: I’m a lover of tattoos, which one is your favorite?

Charlie: Probably the guardian angel on my ribs. It was my first and means a lot to me.

UAN: Now the two of you together is something else!  There were times I just wanted to just jump in and hang out with you two!  You truly have so much fun together and know each other better than anyone else.  This is truly a once in a lifetime friendship that everyone should have.  So with saying that we need to know these things.. lol!

 Jules: well… We are pretty damn awesome. So I can’t blame you there.

Charlie: *laughs*

UAN: What is your earliest memory of each other??

 Charlie: oh remember that time you peed yourself when we went to that museum? *laughs*

Jules: I did not pee! Oh my god. I can’t believe you’re turning this story around on me!

Charlie: I’m so not! And you totally peed!!

Jules: Only because of your dad! It wasn’t my fault. Her dad, Joe jumped out from behind this caveman exhibit and scared the ever loving shit out of me.

Charlie: *laughing* oh you shit yourself too?? *laughs harder* and here I though you just peed yourself.

Jules: **face turns red** first of all. Ok I peed. But I was five. And if I remember correctly you peed yourself too!!!

Charlie: Hey! I only did it so you wouldn’t be the only one embarrassed.

Jules: So what? You peed yourself for me?

Charlie: Yep!

Jules: Oh ok. So that’s like the time I peed on your leg when you got stung by a jellyfish?

Charlie: Jules!!!

Jules: Hey! Fair is fair! And why do all of our stories have to do with piss anyway?

Charlie: We were raised by wolves. *howls*

Jules: **laughs and joins in howling**

UAN: Funniest memory?

Charlie: can this question be answered by the previous one?

Jules: why? You afraid I’ll out you on something like… The time you—

Charlie: say it and you’re dead!

Jules: *holds hands up in defense* okay. Okay. Next question?

UAN: Were you ever attracted to each other?? Ever kiss?

 ***Charlie and Jules together: oh hell no!

Charlie: Ew. No way. Who kisses their brother?

 Jules: Angelina Jolie.

Charlie: Dude. She wore Billy Bobs blood around her neck! That’s your example??

Jules: Just saying. But at least she’s good looking. So, I can’t blame her brother. You however… Fugly.

Charlie: You are fucked in the head. You know that?

Jules: That’s why you love me!

UAN: Do you use sarcasm as a defense mechanism??

 Charlie: I’m not sarcastic!

 Jules: Hah! Yeah, and you’re not a stubborn pain in the ass either.

 Charlie: I can’t really help it. Someone says something and it just comes out. My dad calls it word vomit. But I learned from the best!

UAN: Where do you see yourself in 5 years???

 Charlie: I don’t know really. 5 years is a long time away. I don’t really plan for the future. I can’t.

Jules: In five years I’ll still be forced to keep her in line. Hopefully it’ll be on a beach somewhere… With lots of alcohol!

UAN: Jules, the best bff ever…describe your friendship in one word..

  Jules: You hear that? Best BFF EVER!

 Charlie: Now you’ve done it. You just had to stroke his ego.

 Jules: Hey at least they’re stroking something!

Charlie: Oh my god. Really? Just answer the damn question.

Jules: Fine! Um. One word to describe our friendship? Indestructible.

UAN: Being kids of the military, what are the things you love and not love..

 Jules: I miss my dad. He’s deployed over seas and that’s the worst part. But I’m proud to be the child of a solider.

Charlie: My dad is an incredible role model. He’s given up a lot to defend his country and train the troops. I’m proud too. Of both of our fathers and every military family out there. Worst part… Moving so much, obviously.

UAN: Embarrassing moment time!!! We have to do it!!!  Fess up!!

 Jules: Charlie used to make out with Joey Fatone posters.

Charlie: You’re a damn liar!

Jules: Oh! Defensive much? Ladies, I wouldn’t lie to you!

** punches Jules**

UAN: Jules, How do you deal with not seeing your dad so much?

 Jules: It’s hard. We skype as much as possible. We email everyday. He doesn’t always get to reply everyday… But he tries. My mom and I always talk about him and constantly find his favorite stuff to send in care packages.

UAN: I know you love to read poetry, but I was wondering if you read love stories.. And if you do, do you have any favorite authors.  You could answer this too Jules if you like! Lol!

Charlie: I love to read! I have so many authors I love. It’s hard to choose! Definitely Richelle Mead. Charlaine Harris. Cassia Leo. Vanessa Marie. Katy Evans. Colleen Hoover. Michelle Valentine. Gail McHugh. H.P Mallory. LJ Baker. Nykki Mills. The list goes on!

Jules: I’m more into looking at the pictures.

Charlie: What he means is… The extent of his reading is the comics section of the paper.

UAN: Who inspires you?

Charlie: My dad and Callie.

Jules: Charlie.

UAN: If you two had a fight who would win???

Charlie: me!

Jules: Oh bullshit! I’m bigger than you and I’m stronger.

Charlie: Yet you always cry when I hit you.

Jules: Yeah because they’re sneak attacks!

Charlie: And my point is made! *smiles*

UAN: Now of course we have to bring up Sam!!! What do you guys do on a rainy day….and you can be a little dirty if ya want…. Lol!!

Charlie: It depends. We cook together. We also watch movies a lot. Depending on the movie… It can lead to other things. We like to wrestle too… And I don’t mind letting him pin me. If you know what I mean.

Jules: You know I cant un-hear this right?

Charlie: Hey it’s not like I said I love when he holds my hands above my head and rips my panties off.

Jules: Oh God. Please stop!

Charlie: *laughs* okay fine. I guess you can use your imagination for the rest.

UAN: Okay we have taken up so much of your time. Thank you so much, you two crack us up. And that Vanessa who told your story….Well she is one witty writer, so glad she could share your story.

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