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Nailed is book #3 in the Dad Bod series. This is a more mature series. Jasinda Wilder is writing for the fans, and the fans requested older heroes and heroines, second chance romances with real, everyday people. And she delivers! The Dad Bod series are quick, sexy and fun reads! They are fast paced and dirty! The books are standalone. The stories are based around the Dad Bod construction company and the hot, hot men who work there. Hammered featured Imogen and Jesse; Drilled Franco and Audra. And now we get Nailed!

Nailed is Ryder and Laurel’s story. They share many things in common. They have both had difficult relationships in the past. In fact, both Ryder and Laurel were “fixers” – having been in relationships where they thought they could fix their significant other. However, some things cannot be fixed. This leaves them both feeling a bit uneasy about the feelings that they have for each other. Their attraction to one another is strong and the chemistry between them even stronger!

“Damn, girl. You kiss like you’ve never been kissed before, and I mean that in the best possible sense.”

Nailed will have you flying through the pages! Ryder and Laurel are so sexy that my kindle almost burned up! Ryder is alpha and oh so romantic. He was also enduring, charming and sweet. Laurel is such a wonderful and strong female character! Laurel rocks the single parent role to son Nate. She has had many obstacles to overcome. She is so kind and loving.

“Yeah, but when you know, you know. You know?”

Nailed is a sexy, fun, and mature read. It does have a bit of seriousness in it as it tackles some mental health issues. I am enjoying the Dad Bod series. Nailed is a stand-alone but we get lots of time with the rest of the gang. And we get to see the relationships grow within their group of friends. Coming next is the fourth and final book in the series – Screwed! Finally! Nova & Jesse’s story! I can’t wait!



(Dad Bod Contracting #3)

RYDER: You are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen, Laurel. And if that’s all of you I ever get to see, I’ll be the luckiest man in the world for having seen it.


I swallow hard. He wasn’t supposed to make it sweet. He was supposed to leave it dirty and inappropriate, so I could tell myself all he wanted was sex. That all he cared about was getting me naked, or if not that, then at least seeing me naked.

Instead, he turned it sweet. And I couldn’t tell myself any lies to keep me on my high horse.

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