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Welcome to Up All Night Book Blog’s interview with Meg & Will from Play With Me (With Me in Seattle #3) by Kristen Proby.

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Holy crap! It’s almost time for Meg and Will to arrive…deep breaths…

*Opening the door to my office*

Dawn: Hi Meg & Will! Thank you for chatting with me today for Up All Night! I’m so freaking happy to be hanging out with you!!

Meg: Thank you for having us. *Will wraps his arm around Meg and smiles at Dawn.*   

Dawn: *sigh* He just smiled at me…do.not.giggle. Dammit, I just giggled.

Dawn: With football season over for you, Will, hopefully you have more time together. Have you had a chance to take any trips together lately?

Will:  We haven’t had a chance to travel lately, but we will be taking that trip to Italy soon.

Dawn:  Meg…tell me about the first time you met Will…what did you think?

Meg: *laughs* Oh, I don’t think it was a secret that he wasn’t my favorite person on the Earth.

Will: I won her over, though. *smiles smugly*

Dawn: Will…anything you want to share about your first impression of Meg?

Will:  Look at her. She’s gorgeous.

Meg:  Aww, thank you, babe.

Will: It’s true. *kisses Meg’s cheek*

Dawn: You guys are so adorable!  Meg…you are an amazing nurse! What inspired you to work with children with cancer?

Meg:  I sort of fell into it. I knew I wanted to work with kids, and I did a rotation at Children’s when I was still in nursing school, and I knew I wanted to end up there. The kids are really great.

Will:  I didn’t know that.

Meg:  You don’t know everything yet, you know.

Will: *frowns* What else don’t I know?

Meg:  Not now. *elbows his side*

Dawn: Okay…Will, were you surprised by Meg’s singing ability? Meg, any possibility of doing more singing with Leo and his band?

Will:  Meg’s incredibly talented, but I wasn’t prepared for the first time I heard her sing. I love listening to her.

Meg:  Thank you, babe.  Leo and I may have a few tricks up our sleeves for future projects.

Will:  What future projects?

Meg:  I can’t talk about them right now.

Will: We clearly have some talking to do, sweetheart.

Meg: If you could keep your hands off me for five minutes, we’d talk more.

Will:  *Grins*  Look who’s talking.

Meg:  I’m sorry, Dawn. He’s incorrigible.

Dawn: Mmmm…that’s okay. I don’t mind. *grins*

Dawn: It’s a damn good thing I’m taken or I’d be moving to Seattle and checking on those Montgomery men (don’t worry, Meg, I know Will is taken) and hanging with Meg, Jules and Nat! I could throw back some shots with you all! Speaking of throwing back shots, Meg’s pretty hilarious when she’s had a few! Will, that was pretty funny, don’t you think?

Will:  Meg’s always funny, drunk or sober.  Except when she throws up. Not so funny.

Meg: Hey!

Will:  What? It’s the truth.

Dawn: *whispering to Meg*  Okay, girl…I’m dying to know, did the piercing hurt?

Meg: *chuckles* Hell yeah, it hurt.

Will: So worth it.

Meg: Oh yeah, worth it. But hurt like a bitch.

Dawn: Oooo, I bet! Haha! Hmmm…something to think about later 😉

Dawn: Will, what’s one thing that others might not know about Meg that you wished they knew?

Will:  How truly talented she is. I wish she’d sing more. But the rest of her is all mine.

*Meg kisses Will’s cheek and whispers in his ear. Will grins naughtily*

Dawn: *cough* Meg, what about Will do you wish others knew?

Meg:  Will is so not the arrogant jock that everyone sees him as. He’s really thoughtful and just a good guy.

Will: No I’m not. *shakes his head*

Meg: Yes, you are.

Will:  I have a reputation to uphold, sugar. Stop telling them I’m nice.

Meg: *rolls eyes* Whatever.

Dawn: So, what’s the future look like for you two?

Will:  Let’s just say, the future looks awesome.

Meg: *nods*

Dawn: All right, quick questions for both of you:

Favorite color:

Meg:  Green  Will: Uh… blue I guess.

Favorite singer or band:

Meg:  The Stones  Will:  Train

Favorite food:

Meg:  Chocolate  Will:  I’m not picky.

Favorite body part:

Meg:  God, I love his ass.      Dawn: *smiles and nods*

Will: *smirks* She has beautiful legs.

Most memorable place for sex:

Will and Meg answer together:  The car.  Dawn: Eeeee!

Marriage or live in sin:

Will: It’s not living in sin. We love each other. Marriage will happen someday.

Meg:  Not for a long while.

Will:  *kisses her hand* Someday.

Dawn: *sigh* Thank you SO much for visiting with me today! So can I go meet some of the other Montgomery men?? Don’t worry, Will, you’re my fave…until I meet the next one 😉

Meg: We’re heading to a family dinner now… you’re welcome to join us!

Dawn: Hell yeah!! I mean…sure, thanks, I’d love to. *jumps up and throws on sexiest shoes available* Ready when you are!

Post-interview note from Dawn – I hope you all enjoyed hearing from Meg and Will! I absolutely loved spending time with them. And if you were wondering…the dinner was a-freaking-mazing! I mean, how could it be anything less with the entire Montgomery family there? Until next time!

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Kristen lives in the amazing Pacific Northwest where, conveniently, her muse lives too.

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  1. Awesome meeting ! 😉

    My favorite moment … Hell yeah!! I mean…sure, thanks, I’d love to. *jumps up and throws on sexiest shoes available* Ready when you are!

    I would have put my sexy shoes to if I was going to the Montgomery family diner. You never know who might me available 😛

  2. Great interview!! Love Will and Meg!! Both are awesome! It shows how much they love eachother! Really liked how Meg pointed out that Will wasn’t her fave person at first!

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