Debut Review~~Tycoon by Allegra Kane





‘What is meant to be will always find a way…’

Meet Miles Stanton.
Miles is a sexy as hell, womaniser and self made billionaire oil tycoon. He has everything he ever wanted, except the one thing he truly needs… His dazzling smile hides a tragedy that is kept locked behind one night stands and empty relationships… his heart buried so deep that no woman dares reach…

Meet Lydia Heston.
Lydia is married to her long time love, but dealing with the devastation that they may never have children…
Miles finds an unexpected connection with Lydia, the only woman who fills up the spaces that had been empty for so long and who he can truly be himself with…

Will their fated meeting alert them to what they both lack the courage to face or will destiny intervene and disrupt their plans…?

A compelling contemporary romance novel from author Allegra Kane!



Stephanie’s 3 Blush Review

I am not sure how to review this book. I felt the story was slow paced but the events in it occurred quickly. There is insta-love and there is cheating.

Miles Stanton is a self-made billionaire. He is hot and confident and wild. He is often seen splashed across the front pages of gossip and celebrity magazines. His company, Stanton Enterprises, is one of the fastest growing private investment funds in the US. His success feels empty without someone to share it with. His heart is under wraps after a terrible tragedy occurred three years ago. He does not want to let anyone in.

Miles Stanton became a billionaire overnight. He was on the front cover of Time and Forbes and GQ Magazine had voted him Best-Dressed Male of the year.

Lydia Heston is a successful Columbia graduate and Senior Investment Manager for an oil company. She has been married for six years and is trying, unsuccessfully, to get pregnant. This takes a toll on her marriage. As she leaves for a conference she feels that her marriage is over.

Miles and Lydia are attending the same conference where Miles will be the key note speaker. They meet in the hotel lobby as she tries desperately to get a room. Miles offers to share his penthouse suite with her. The suite is huge with many rooms. There is something about Lydia that calls to Miles.

Lydia ends up staying in his penthouse suite. They connect instantly. Miles opens up to Lydia. But, in the end, she returns home to try to make her marriage work. But fate has other plans.

The writing is good. The story had a lot of potential. Once Miles and Lydia connected, everything is fast paced. I’m talking BAM… Insta-love, insta-connection. I would have liked more time with them connecting and getting to know each other. I would have liked a little more content at the end as well. The story ends. Just ends. There were some significant things happening. An epilogue to see where things went with Miles and Lydia could have wrapped things up a bit. And also there are other parts of the story that were left unfinished. The book wasn’t terrible. The writing is good. I just needed more. I believe this is the debut book for this author. She has room to grow and definite potential.

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