CLEARLY Written by a MAN!, A Guest Post by Luke Young

Today we welcome, Luke Young, Author of the: “Friends With… Benefits” Series, to Up All Night Book Blog, as he shares his thoughts on romance, passion, and writing in the contemporary romance genre. Enjoy and thank you, Luke, for stopping by UAN…


Yes, it’s true I’m a guy and I write humorous contemporary romance novels. My books have received a handful of those “It was CLEARLY written by a MAN!” reviews. As if that, in and of itself, were a bad thing. In one review, I was actually criticized for using the “P” word for that incredibly sexy part of the female anatomy. In yet another, the reviewer commented that I write, in her opinion, too much about oral sex and that I must not be getting enough. Really personal attacks— I can’t imagine a female author getting the same treatment from a reviewer. I guess there’s a double standard out there, but I can take it. Happily, for the most part, women actually seem to like my take on this genre.

And I do think my take on sex is completely “CLEARLY written by a MAN!” It is exactly that, but it’s a caring, thoughtful, desperately wanting to please a woman first— type of man. I’m not without my male induced flaws, I don’t listen as much as I should, I probably don’t always notice my wife’s slight change in hair color or new outfit, but I’m a guy after all. I’ve got blood rushing to places at times where it’s really not needed and that can really put a strain on one’s mental clarity. And with my writing, sure I get in the heads of the male characters with a little more ease than their attractive counterparts, but I think I can see the women’s point of view as well.

There are also reviewers who claim my books aren’t romantic. Well, I beg to differ— if admiring the woman you love from afar, cooking for her, bringing her breakfast in bed, carrying her to bed and tucking her in when she’s had too much to drink, rubbing her feet, searching for the perfect gift for her, giving her a full body massage, driving ten hours just to tell her you love her and yes pleasing every fucking inch of her isn’t romantic, well, then, then maybe I’ll move to some other planet where all of the above is considered romantic.

Okay, now I’m all worked up and I need a drink. I mean, is romance supposed to be four hours of cuddling in front of the television and then four minutes of pretty lame sex or maybe no sex at all? If so, then I really don’t get it. I understand that not every innocent caring moment between a couple needs to end in sex. But, yes sometimes during a foot rub your hand inadvertently wanders up the calf then to a thigh and it might land on the actual womanly parts… To me that’s romance, the heat rising up between two people. The “I’ve-got-to-have-you-right-now-or-I’m-going-to-die-moment!” That’s some pretty powerfully amazing stuff I’d hate to live without.

That is what I try to capture— the super-hot passionate moments, but also the funny ones as well. Sex often is amazing, but sometimes it’s just enough already. Sometimes you just can’t finish what you’ve started no matter how hard you try and it’s funny. There are times when your partner bursts into laughter and says, “Okay just get the hell off of me, okay?” Sex isn’t perfect, but it’s really a whole lot of fun. Sign me up for some romance and if by God that means a little or hopefully a lot of super-hot sex, well, that’s just the chance I’ll have to take.

So yes, my books are “CLEARLY written by a MAN!” and I hope you’ll check out my Friends With… Benefits series for a unique take on romance, man style. I usually describe my writing as Sex and the City meets American Pie. To illustrate that…enjoy:


Sex and the City –

I love the interaction between the women in this clip and I believe I capture something similar in my books, but in my work both my male and female characters interact with each other in this way. Please note – I really don’t think the “strange” sound effects at the end of this clip are from the actual show.

AmPieAmerican Pie –

I love putting my characters in embarrassing situations as well.


About Luke YoungLuke Young

Luke Young is the Kindle-bestselling author of the Friends With…Benefits series as well as the novel Chances Aren’t.

Young’s Friends With…Benefits novels are filled with passion, longing, comedy, and, yes, sex. His relationship comedies feature strong, sexy female characters — women who seize every opportunity for fun and don’t let a little thing like age stand in the way of love or desire. In each book Young sets different wheels in motion, applying his comedic touch and pitch-perfect ear for playful couples’ banter. The result is warm, funny, sexy storytelling at its best.

Young got his start writing screenplays, which earned the praise of contest judges while never quite making it to the “green light.” He adapted his second screenplay into a novel and found himself hooked on the new form. Since then, he’s released five novels, one novella, and one short story.

Young’s prolific nature is a gift to fans across the globe who have enthusiastically embraced the Friends With…Benefits series. This fan support has driven the books up the Kindle bestseller lists. If you enjoy romance, sex, and unexpected hilarity, you will love Young’s books.

You can find Luke at or write to him directly at

Young also writes “spicier” books under the pen name Ian Dalton. If you like your sexy comedy heavy on the sexy, be sure to check out Dalton’s Victoria Wilde series. For more information on how Ian Dalton’s Victoria Wilde series relates to the Friends With…Benefits series please see the “Who Is Ian Dalton” area of his website.

Connect with Luke Young

Facebook: /pages/Author-Luke-Young


GR: /Luke_Young

Twitter: @lukeyoungbooks


  1. Paragraph 3 above? Yes, please! All of it and more. No need to go to another planet. There are plenty of women here on crazy ol’ Earth who believe all of those things are AWESOME. Who in the hell complained? Dear heavens. I will be downloading your book tonight. 🙂

    1. Some reviewers don’t think my books have any romance. They think it’s all about the sex. They call them porn. Luckily they are mostly in the minority. I think someone who claims that clearly screams, as Billy Crystal eloquently put it in, When Harry Met Sally, “You obviously haven’t had any good sex yet!”

  2. BAHAHAHAHA!!!! This was hilarious! Way to stick it to ’em, Luke!!! I’ll have to pick up your book and read all the hilarious romance! 🙂

  3. Paragraph 3 above? Yes, please! All of it and more. No need to go to another planet. There are plenty of women here on crazy ol’ Earth who believe all of those things are AMAZING, especially coming from the opposite sex. Who in the hell complained? Dear Lord. Can’t wait to read your book!!!

  4. LOL I love that you have a realistic take on sex. I am getting so bored of all the men in the books who are so perfect with a huge penis and the stamina of the Energizer bunny. Not realistic.

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