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Title: Violet Ugly

Author: J. Lynn Bailey

Genre: Contemporary Romance


Sixteen years ago, Merit Young left Granite Harbor, Maine, for California in search of a future that didn’t involve Ryan Taylor. He’d left her in pieces on her bedroom floor, delivering a blow she couldn’t have expected. But, now, at the request of her brother, Eli, she must return and confront the demons of her past—Ryan included. After the loss they both suffered, she isn’t prepared to face him—especially considering he’s the only one who’s always been able to see right through her.

Ryan has lived his entire adult life in survival mode. Growing up with an abusive father has taught him to keep women at arm’s length, and that’s never been a problem. Until Merit—the only woman he’s ever loved—strides through his front door. He’s not sure how long she’s staying, but he knows it’ll be long enough to destroy what’s left of his heart.

To overcome their dark past, they’ll have to shed light on a reality that will most likely tear them apart. Merit has been hiding a heartbreaking decision from Ryan, and he’s been keeping lies of his own.

Can two tortured souls heal after a lifetime of pain? Or will the hideous secrets of the past bury them both?


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Tera’s 4 Blush Review

“Sometimes, there are secrets we keep so deep that our minds forget, not wanting to remember what the quiet chaos feels like against our hearts.”

J. Lynn Bailey delivers another angst-ridden, but beautiful story. Violet Ugly is a second chance romance between Ryan and Merit.  We met both of these characters in Peony Red, but now we get the scoop behind the awkward silences. While it is not necessary to read Peony Red to follow Violet Ugly, I would highly recommend it.

Ryan and Merit grew up together in the small town of Granite Harbor. As they grew, so did their love until one day everything shattered and Ryan nor Merit ever found all the pieces. After sixteen years, these two are thrown back together by the request of Merit’s brother, Eli. Ryan and Merit are both forced to face the choices of their pasts.

“It’s an odd feeling that love and grief can be so real in the same moment.”

“Because dealing with life in on life’s terms isn’t as easy as running.”

What I loved about this book is the small town atmosphere and characters that are just loveable. I always know I can count on a good story from Granite Harbor. I really enjoyed the flashbacks into the past. They always added a little bit more development to each character and how it defined them into adulthood. It was necessary and even heartbreaking to see and feel what these kids went through.

Merit was one of the best characters ever. She showed so much strength and growth in this story. Her therapy sessions were a wonderful added touch, and her capacity to forgive is remarkable. There really is less character growth with Ryan, but we got much more of the backstory with him. It’s a wonder that he grew up to be the kind of man he is despite his horrific upbringing. The mystery aspect, which was also present in Peony Red, was well-written, but it was probably what I liked least mostly because I just did not care about Dubbs, Ryan’s father. It didn’t take away from the romance in the story, but I just didn’t feel as invested to the mystery aspect in this one.

“…maybe things don’t have to happen to us; they happen for us.”

J. Lynn Bailey has me hooked. I feel like I’m part of the Granite Harbor family watching all of their lives come together. I love that J. Lynn Bailey consistently writes a strong female heroine. I love that she writes patient and compassionate heroes. I love that her stories are unique and genuine. I have found an author that I will automatically one-click. I can’t typically sit and read a book in one sitting, but I’ve done it three times in a row with J. Lynn Bailey. She’s that good.


Kerry’s 4 Blush Review

Merit and Ryan, along with her brother Eli, grow up as best friends. Ryan’s life hasn’t been easy. He found his salvation at Merit and Eli’s childhood home. Merit and Eli grew up in a loving home but tragedy struck them and shattered their world.

There’s so much history between Merit and Ryan. Both are heartbroken; each one has secrets and regrets. Deep down, they both hope they mend those fences. Years have passed, and they both find themselves still mourning the loss of the relationship they longed for. While some old wounds are ripped opened and others finally get some much needed healing.  Their love for one other is beautiful and unconditional. Ryan comes off as a  cocky, playboy.  He puts up a good front. But really, Ryan is hurting so much that he is just living a shell of a life. Merit has always been the caregiver. She holds all of her feelings in and never puts herself first. As this story builds, we learn Merit is grieving so many things… but can she ever let go?

J. Lynn Bailey has written a story we all can relate to in one way or another. She makes you feel the small town vibe of Granite Harbor, Maine. Her characters are so lovable. J. Lynn Bailey had me in tears during some parts in this book. Violet Ugly has so many feels and emotions.

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About the Author:

J. Lynn Bailey has loved to write since she learned to read, around the second grade. When she isn’t running after her children, watching COPS, or on the hunt for her next Laffy Taffy joke, you can probably find her holed up in her writing room feverishly working on her next book. She lives in Northern California with her family.

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