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Fake Wife by Stacey Lynn
Publication Date: January 9th, 2018
Genre: Contemporary Romance


This marriage is strictly business . . . until the temptation gets way too real.

Sterling: I loved my grandma, but I don’t need her money. All I care about is keeping the house—the only place that’s ever felt like home. That, and screwing over my dad, who wants to turn the property into a mall. There’s only one catch: To receive my inheritance, I have to get married within six months. Me, the guy who’s never dated a girl for more than six minutes. Now I need to find a woman I can trust. So when I’m rear-ended by a Prius, I figure it’s a sign that I’m supposed to meet gorgeous, down-to-earth Teagan Monroe.

Teagan: First I lose my job. Then I come home and find out—in the most graphic way possible . . . yeah, that way—that my boyfriend is a cheating jerk. And then I speed off and nearly kill Portland’s sexiest bachelor. Sterling Lane should be pissed. Instead, he offers me more money than I’ve ever seen in my life to marry him and live together in a mansion for two years. No sex. No feelings. Just cash—enough to make all my dreams come true. Then we go and break all our rules . . . and I realize I’m falling in love with my fake fiancé.

Stephanie’s 4 Blush Review

Fake Wife is not what I expected. It was so much better! I thought it would be more of a cut and dry “Here is a contract for you to sign….” But it was not. The story was sweet and easy. It had a nice flow. The characters were relatable.

Corbin Lane, playboy and richest man in Portland. Voted Time magazine’s sexiest man alive three years in a row. He is charming and handsome but has no desire to get married.

Corbin has just lost the one person in the world who means the most to him, his grandmother. Corbin is heir to the Lane Holdings fortune. He doesn’t want or need that money. He wants his grandmother’s home. A home filled with wonderful memories. Her home, Cannon Bluffs, is an estate with land. It means the world to him.

So, the will is read. Of course the home is left for Corbin but with one catch….Corbin has to find a woman, fall in love, and get married within six months from the date of the will. The marriage has to last for two full years and then he can claim ownership of Cannon Bluffs. Corbin’s dad also wants that property so he can turn it into a shopping mall.

Teagan Monroe is having a bad day. She was laid off from her job then comes home to find her boyfriend cheating on her. She packs her stuff and heads out trying to think of a place to go when suddenly she rear ends Corbin Lane. They have a connection between them and Corbin has an idea. He asks Teagan to marry him so that he can fulfill his grandmother’s will and he will compensate her monetarily.

Agreement. Business. No emotions. We can become friends, but that’s as far as it can go.

Sounds simple. A business decision. A fresh start for Teagan. But things are never that simple. There is a push and pull between Corbin and Teagan. They have chemistry. A connection. I loved their banter together.

Teagan is sweet, honest and giving. She has dreams that she wants to pursue. Corbin is surprised at how “normal” she is. She also calls him out when he is being a jerk. Corbin is used to rich socialites that only want his money. He is afraid to get close to anyone. His dad did not set a good example of what marriage is. They both have trust issues to overcome and they each question if the other is having “real” feelings or not.

The story is sweet, slow and romantic. It just left you feeling good. There were a few twists but nothing that was super angsty. I enjoyed the story and would definitely read about Corbin’s friends Trey and Caitlin. They are part of the story but I have a feeling there is more under the surface with them.

So simple and pure. Easy and complex.

The kind of woman I never thought I’d like and now I can’t get enough of.


Christina’s 3.5 Blush Review

This book was such a pleasant surprise. Even though I’ve read similar stories surrounding marriages of convenience, Fake Wife really held its own for me. I developed a little bit of a crush on Corbin, and enjoyed the heroine Teagan as well. Their chemistry was on point. The supporting characters were entertaining, and I wonder whether there could be something brewing between Trey and Caitlin. I want to know more about both of them!

There is something so appealing to me about a love story developing from a marriage of convenience. I enjoy the slow burn, the chemistry, especially the stolen looks and slight touches. Fake Wife was no exception.

I found myself getting lost in the story and not wanting to put it down. This is my first time reading Staci Lynn but I would read her again!


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I stare at the man, the absolutely beautiful man, across the table from me, completely disbelieving what he’s just said.

I had to have misheard.

He couldn’t have just offered me what I think he did.

Perhaps when I slammed into the back of his Mercedes forty-five minutes ago I gave him a concussion. Maybe the accident gave me a concussion.

“Are you serious?” Propping my elbows on the table, I lean forward to hear him better. “You can’t be. We should get you to the hospital. I think when I rear-ended you it gave you a concussion. Are you sure you didn’t hit your head?”

Corbin Lane relaxes against his chair at our table at Le Chat Noir. His golden-brown hair shines, a bit wavy, long on top but still short enough not to cross the line from professional to hipster. His cornflower-blue eyes haven’t veered from my direction for the last hour.

A typical man would have yelled at me, threatened me with a lawsuit, demanded my insurance information, and returned to his day, doing whatever playboy billionaires do.

Not this guy. He asked for my insurance information, and when he saw the tears streaming down my cheeks, the clothes and boxes strewn all over my cramped backseat, he asked me if I was okay. Then he escorted me to this nearby restaurant, asked me a million questions, and then this . . .

This . . . proposition, as he called it.

“I’m not joking. I think this solves both of our problems.”

I drink the rest of my wine and set the glass aside. The alcohol has made me tipsy.

Corbin smiles again. I’ve seen that smile plastered on the gossip pages and on the news for the last five years, ever since I moved to Portland. So sexy he makes girls stupid, he’s an heir to the Lane Holdings fortune, a great-grandson of one of the Oregon Gold Rush families, and son of the CEO of Lane Holdings. When his father retires, Corbin is poised to run the multibillion-dollar company.

“I think you’re going to have to explain it to me again.”

“It’s simple, really. You need a place to live and I’m offering you one. You need time to find a new job, and I’m providing financially for you to do that. We can iron out the details later, but this needs to last at least two years.”

Two years. Two years of my life spent in close proximity to one of Time magazine’s top-ten sexiest and wealthiest bachelors in the world. Three years in a row.

Yeah, I’m a fangirl.


Two more years of life wasted.

Although the money he’s offering will definitely help me set up my dream when it’s over.

“Listen, Corbin—”

“Consider it. Take all the time you need.”

“I’m still not sure I understand what you get out of it.”

Beautiful, luscious lips tip into a full-blown smile and I’m almost blinded by the brightness of his teeth. “Me? I get a wife.”

About the Author

Stacey Lynn currently lives in Minnesota with her husband and four children. When she’s not conquering mountains of laundry and fighting a war against dust bunnies and cracker crumbs, you can find her playing with her children, curled up on the couch with a good book, or on the boat with her family enjoying Minnesota’s beautiful, yet too short, summer.

She lives off her daily pot of coffee, can only write with a bowlful of Skittles nearby, and has been in love with romance novels since before she could drive herself to the library.

If you would like to know more about Stacey Lynn, follow her here:

Twitter: @staceylynnbooks
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