Blog Tour: MOORE TO LOSE by Julie A. Richman

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3 Responses

  1. Michelle says:

    Another hit, by Julie Richman!! And, “Moore to Lose” packed a bigger punch than “Searching for Moore.” Women will gravitate toward this story because it follows Mia’s life journey – one the many of us have taken or know too many women who have walked a similar path. It is happy, sad, funny and deeply emotional, but it’s REAL. Like Mia.

    I am so excited for the final book of the “Needing Moore” trilogy, for Mia and Schooner’s well-deserved HEA!! Julie cannot write fast enough!!

  2. Michele Welch says:

    Loved this book as much as the first….We discover what Mia’s life has been about during the 24 years she was apart from Schooner….This girl has been broken and put back together so many times but comes back and kicks ass in the advertising world…Loved how we met some characters from the first book and discovered how they fitted into Mia’s world…Oh and of course the book wouldn’t be complete without the man himself Mr Moore!…Se excited to see what book 3 brings..

  1. January 14, 2014

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