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Daws is a Devil Crusader, born and raised a bad boy. He’s sick of superficial, meaningless relationships. Fate throws him a curve-ball when Aubrey begins working for his dad’s motorcycle shop.

Aubrey is damaged and scarred.

She’s running from a past that has the ability to destroy her. It’s not just herself that she needs to protect. She’s fighting to save her sister. She needs to keep the monster away and she’ll do everything in her power to keep her sister safe.

She wasn’t expecting to meet Daws, the man who would change their lives. Dangerous, strong and completely hers, her heart never had a chance.

Is Daws capable of protecting her from the monster who haunts her? The monster who will stop at nothing to get to her? He wants her back, that much is clear.

She just hopes that when the time comes, she’s strong enough to save them all….

**Please note this is the second book in the Wrecked Series. It can be read as a stand alone and it is not necessary to have read Wreck You, however reading Wreck You first may give you some background to Daws. This book is intended for mature audiences as it has graphic scenes involving sex and child abuse. The use of the F bomb is frequently thrown around so if that offends you, I wouldn’t recommend reading this.




Nicole’s 5 Star Review

Confession…I’ve never read an MC book before, or watched SOA. I know. What rock have I been living under? I’ve never been into bikers and badasses. All of that changed when I read Abby McCarthy’s latest installment in the Wrecked series, Fight You. In this book we get to really know Daws, a carry over character from her first book, Wreck You.

Daws is the son of the Devil’s Crusaders president and a seriously hot badass. He’s tall and lean with a ponytail and tats, and I had no clue that I would be drawn to that!! Though he was raised in a very non-traditional way and lives a rather colorful life, Daws has one of the biggest hearts I’ve ever met. When he meets the one woman that can make his world a brighter place, we get to see just what a sexy “real” man he is.

Aubrey has one of the saddest and most inspiring stories I’ve ever read. Her life has beenfilled with abuse and neglect, yet she rises above it in a way that is a true testament to the strength she possesses. As a result of her past, Aubrey is understandably fearful around men and what they can represent. Somehow, someway, Daws manages to ease her fears and give her a love and patience she has never known.

The love story between Daws and Aubrey is sweet, sexy and written in such a way that it does not feel like insta-love. Abby does a great job of describing passages of time in a seemless and natural way. In doing that, we get to follow the story and not feel rushed into their relationship. Daws is so patient with Aubrey. He is kind and loving, but more than any of that he respects Aubrey. Quite frankly, I find that incredibly sexy. He respects her limits, her past and her strength. Yep, that’s hot. The trials and events that they must face together show us the depth of the love and character.

While Fight You is a wonderful and easy read, it does deal with some very serious issues. While nothing can really prepare a reader for such heinous things as rape, child abuse and neglect, Abby does an amazing job of writing about these topics that leaves the reader full of empathy and compassion instead of a feeling of disgust or misunderstanding. That is a fine line that few authors are able to walk.

Fight You is a stand-alone novel, but I will say that reading Wreck You first will give you some background info on Daws. There will be another story in the Wrecked series. I cannot wait to see what Abby writes next!!

Dawn’s 5 Star Review

Fight you is Abby McCarthy ‘s second book. I was beyond impressed by her first, Wreck you. I found it to be an excellent debut novel. Fight you, solidifies that she is a brilliant author with a very long career in front of her. Like Wreck you this book has dark context but does not feel that way. Both books are 5 star must reads!!!

From the beginning till the end, Fight you is perfect! Abby has the ability to make you fall in love with each and every one of her characters. Each of them playing a significant role. I found myself wanting to be part of their world. The dialog throughout the book is exceptional and natural. From the men to the children, it’s effortless and feels completely genuine. It’s a unique story filled with suspense, drama and unconditional love. It is a love story but it is not typical. It’s a story about survival. Not letting your past dictate your future. Taking control. It’s also a story about family and we find out that blood IS NOT always thicker than water!! We make our families and family always come first.

Aubrey and Ari are sisters on the run. Running from a despicable evil. With the compassion of a stranger their lives change in an instant. They are accepted into a real family and finally have a support system they always needed. As they get settled in Aubrey finds a job. At her job, she meets a beautiful but seemingly dangerous man, Daws. Right from the onset, they have an undeniable pull towards one another. Dawson Matthews is no Angel. He has his own demons. He is part of the Devil Crusaders. A biker gang. He doesn’t know what it is to care for another person, let alone love them. But when it comes to Aubrey, all he wants to do is protect and care for her…. He can sense her pain and knows she is hiding something. Once you find out about what the unspeakable horrors Aubrey had to endure in her past, your heart will break for her. Not knowing how to trust or love… She finds an unlikely hero in Daws. He shows her nothing but patience, gentleness and kindness. While keeping true to himself and never losing his strength and stature. (I fell madly in love with Daws. He will forever have a place in my heart.) He begins to need her too, something he s not used too…..Two improbable people eventually needing each other, as much as the air they breath! As they grow closer, so does the danger…. Aubrey’s past catches up to her and evil threatens to crush their world. Shit*t gets real!! I was at the edge of my seat. So scared for all of them. Should Aubrey take Ari and run or can Aubrey finally face her fears head on???

The background stories in the book were fantastic. I loved finding out about the Devil Crusaders. They may not be the most upstanding citizens. But they stole my heart.. the love and support they have for one another is a force! They know the true meaning of all for one and one for all…… Also, the Italian family that took the girls in had me smiling the entire time. Abby was spot on with her perfect rendition of a loyal crazy Italian family! It was so easy to fall in love with them also. They were simply wonderful.

I need to congratulate Abby on another incredible novel! BRAVO lady. I can not wait go see what you write next. You are a rising star!

Kristine’s 5 Star Review 

Wow! Is all I got to say, leaving this with happy tears and a whole look on my own self strength and look on things.
This is a story that reminds me of a quiz I took one time,  that if I was in a horror flick would  I’d be the first one to die, and I got a big whooping yes!!  If it was a sex scene with this hot main character Daws then I’d be okay with it!!  Now getting my head out of the gutter….   What I’m trying to say is this main character in this story, is one to have such courage, strength and the fight for not giving up. She’d definitely be the last one standing from the most horrific horror flick!!  The one thing I love about these types of stories is a character giving the reader hope and inspiration  to repeat. Like the next time I’m stuck and need the strength  I can say what would Aubrey do?(WWAD)

I just wanna say thank you to Author Abby McCarthy, for writing another highly addicting read. Amazing characters to add to my list! A story very memorable and dear to me, it will always be in that special place with my other loves.
After reading Wreck You I couldn’t imagine it getting any better.  And it did!  We get to hang out with the gang of Devil’s, meet a new gang and get to the heart of Daws. What a difference I feel for him right now from where I left off in Wreck you!

Aubrey and Ari are on the run.  They were in real trouble. Because of Aubri’s strength and determination they were able to run to a happy place.  A place where family means everything and it doesn’t matter if your blood or not. Their hearts are big and true.  With love, laughter and delish food, this reminded me of a lot of family moments I’ve had.

Aubrey finds her place among the mob and a biker club.  This is an interesting mix and works well, as long as she keeps her secrets to herself. Through this she never expected to walk straight in line to feelings she tries to avoid and his name is Daws.  He’s back from Wreck You and like I wrote before. In this story we see him in a whole different way.
Aubrey had been through so much and is so scared and broken down, she builds a rock solid wall and behind it are her feelings.  Will Daws be able to make it crumble and fall down?  Is he strong enough to be there for her?  Will there be a happily ever after for Aubrey and Ari and Daws?

I just loved this story, it holds a solid 10 stars in my heart. There is a mixture of everything, a dust of dark, angst, humor, hot romance, suspence, and surprises  as every page unfolds. This is a little different from Wreck You, with a little darker feel.  Abby outdid herself with this one and shows me she can definitely write onto different story lines.  This could be read as a standalone with character carry alongs from other books.  Each of these stories are unique and must reads!  You will love this group of characters!  I hope there are more stories to come with them.

“I’m the one who is used and broken. You are a mosaic of beautifully broken pieces all together. Don’t you fu***** get that, when I see you, I don’t see what’s been done to you. I see a survivor, a protector and a fighter. You got a battle to be fought I’m fighting it with you. No more running from this. No more fighting me.”. ~ Daws.





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Wreck you

“My name is Maura McCafferty. I take men who love me and I destroy them. If there was a scarlet letter I could wear to keep the men at bay, it would be a W. I would wear it proudly, to let them know I am a wrecker. If you love me, I will wreck you.”

Raised within the Devil’s Crusader’s, Maura has been exposed to many of life’s uglies and sheltered from any real relationships. She has all but given up on the idea of love.

Until she meets Corbin Marx, a sexy beast of a Marine who refuses to back down from any challenge. He is the type of man Maura has craved, the type who might just be strong enough…

This journey will be brutal, littered with violence, deceit and heartache. Maura must learn to navigate through the bumpy roads that life has paved and hope that at the end she will find her happiness.

Warning: Due to Violence, language, drug use and sexual content this book is not suited for anyone under 17. If those things offend you, this might too.


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Abby McCarthy

Abby McCarthy is reader and a lover of words. She is a blogger turned author and released her first novel in May 2014. She is a mother of three, a wife and a dog person. She has always written, sometimes poetry, sometimes just to vent about failed relationships, however in parenthood she has found her voice to help keep her sanity. Words have flowed from her, to review and with the support of amazing friends in the Indie community she has decided to pursue my dream of writing! She loves to write and read romance, because isn’t that something we all yearn for? Whether it be flowers and hand holding or just the right tug on your hair. Isn’t that what life is about? The human connection?

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