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Demon At My Door Revamp


Gothic outcast Natalie Sugarman bartered her soul for her dying mother’s life sixteen years ago to a boy demon that could stop time. Now, days before her twenty-first birthday, the lifelines on her palms are slowly vanishing, and she knows it’s just a matter of time before Satan’s little helper collects.

Natalie’s tried numerous times to kill the demon and regain control of her soul’s destiny, but she always falls short. When she decides to try and gain the element of surprise for her next attempt, Natalie seeks answers about his location from a freaky, glowing-eyed fortuneteller. Creeped out by the psychic’s methods, she bolts from the reading and misses the warning that the demon who stole her soul is always closer than she thinks.

After some strange incidents with her new boyfriend, including a hot, levitating sex session, she realizes he’s the grown-up version of her little nightmare and he’s returned to collect on their deal. Natalie must figure out how to win her soul back from the demon before her lifeline completely disappears and she becomes his forever—even if that means making a deal to damn three other souls to take her place.

*Demon At My Door is a New Adult Paranormal Romance with very mature scenes*


Visiting with Michelle ValentineMichelle Valentine

Dawn: Hi Michelle! Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with me about Demon At My Door. Before we get started, I really need to get this out of the way – YOU are a FREAKIN’ ROCK STAR and I’m a huge fan!! If you were in a rock band, I’d totally be your groupie 🙂

Michelle: You are too funny, and awesome! Thank you so much for having me on your blog.

Dawn: Okay, now I can focus LOL…

Dawn: A lot of readers know and love you through Rock the Heart and Rock the Band. Demon At My Door is a definite change for you. What inspired you to write it?

Michelle: My brain is a little crazy. I think only I would create a story about a boy demon tricking a little girl into saving her dying mother because I was reading statistics about people choking on hotdogs.

Dawn: *laughs* That is a jump from choking on hot dogs to demons! Did you write Demon before or after starting the Black Falcon series?

Michelle: Demon at My Door is actually a novel I wrote back in 2009. It’s changed a few times as it went the rounds of the traditional publishing route, but it never quite made the cut. I had a huge request rate with it and from agents and I had two publishing houses look at the manuscript, but ultimately they didn’t feel it was a fit for what was selling at the time. So after a ton of rejection, I shelved it and moved on to a new sci-fi novel.  After I wrapped up that novel, I shelved it as well and then moved on to write two chapters of a story that would later become Rock the Heart—the concert scene where they see each other again for the first time and the dock scene. From there I took a break for almost ten months, nearly giving up writing all together, but decided to give it another go, only this time to change genres all together in hopes of reigniting that fire I felt before for writing. I’m a huge paranormal nut, so jumping into contemporary fiction was a little tough for me at first. It was so different than what I’m used to writing (Paranormal/Sci-fi/Urban Fantasy), but I quickly fell in love with the New Adult contemporary genre once I immersed myself in it.

Dawn: Well, from one of your Black Falcon fans and now Demon fan, thank you for giving it another go! In Demon, I really wanted to hate Stew but by the end…let’s just say my feelings were different and I wanted more of him. Do you plan to write his story? Or will he play a big part in Demon 2?

Michelle: He will be a HUGE part of book two. Stew and his family still have lots of secrets I can’t wait to lay on you guys. Stew is just one of those characters that kind of take over the story. I never meant for him to be such a large part of the book, but he was so loud in my head, fighting for Natalie too, I couldn’t shake him.

Dawn: Lay him on us! *grins*    Rock stars to Demons to….? Any other stories brewing that you can share?

Michelle: I have a completed Sci-fi novel that’s currently titled Resurrection Vengeance completed. It has a very cocky alien guy who looks pretty much human for the most part and looooooves to pick fights with the main character of the novel. I think at some point I would really like to release that novel. It has a very cool plot line that I’ve never seen before. It’s kind of like time travel with a twist. There’s also another contemporary I’m working on called Torturous Kisses that is also New Adult. It’s a story about a nurse and ex-con that’s pretty spicy.  Of course, I’m still plugging away at Rock My Bed right now as well.

Dawn: I have to mention, my hubby was peeking at my tablet while I was reading Demon and he was excited to see his name, Trevor, in it.  I told him he wouldn’t be excited if he knew your Trevor! That made me wonder how do you choose names for your characters (particularly if they’re not so nice)?

Michelle: I usually just use the first name that comes to mind. I do love the name Trevor, and I thought it would be fitting of a cocky, jock type dude.

Dawn: Ha ha! Do you give a ‘shout-out’ to good friends or family either in names or character traits?

Michelle: I try not to, but I will say that if you’ve read Rock the Band you’ll notice Kyle’s girlfriend is named after one of my writer besties, Emily Snow, because she’s in love with Jason Momoma. He was my muse for the bodyguard in that book.

Dawn: “She. Is. My responsibility.” I had a total ‘moment’ when Rick said that about Natalie. How do you write those scenes and not stop after it to just have a moment?

Michelle: I guess when I’m in a scene and I feel like things are clicking well, I’m more excited than anything because I want to see what comes next. I don’t really pause to take a breath or reflect at that time. It’s almost like when you’re reading and you can’t wait to see where the story goes and you start flying through the pages…it’s kind of like that for me when I’m writing. I will say this is one of my most favorite Rick lines in the entire novel.

Dawn: Rick is quite lovely. As are Noel and the other Black Falcons. Who is your favorite?

Michelle: It’s so hard to choose, but I will say my favorite will vary. Who ever is my leading man at the time tends to be my favorite.

Dawn: Can we talk a little about your writing process?

Michelle: Sure! Fire away!

Dawn: Do you write every day?

Michelle: I try to. Even if I can only pump out a thousand words for the day, I have to get something down. Typically, when I’m in the middle of a book I can write 5-10k words a day if I push really, really hard.

Dawn: When did you first start writing novels?

Michelle: I wrote my first full length novel in 2008, and it was AWFUL!

Dawn: I love your playlists on Spotify! Do you listen while writing to get inspiration?

Michelle: You can always tell when I’m writing on my desktop. If you see that pop up on my Facebook page, then you know I’m writing. I always listen to music when I write. Music can take me to some emotional places if the lyric is just right in the moment I’m in.

Dawn: You have some pretty awesome company in the indie realm! Anything you’d recommend to a newbie author coming into the indie world?

Michelle: Stay humble. Don’t forget to always be thankful for everything everyone does for you. Be courteous to other indie authors and share their books and posts with your readership. Kindness really does go a long way.

Dawn: Michelle, thank you again for stopping by Up All Night Book Blog and all your support of bloggers like us! You have definitely kept us up late here reading and I know we’ll have some more late nights when Demon 2 and Rock My Bed arrive! *sigh…patience is needed to wait for these, I’m afraid*

Michelle: Thank you so much for everything you do for indies like me. We couldn’t do this without awesome people like you.


Giveaway:  Comment on her interview for your chance to win an e copy of Demon at my Door.


New York Times and USA Today Best Selling author Michelle A. Valentine is a Central Ohio nurse turned author of erotic and New Adult romance of novels. Her love of hard-rock music, tattoos and sexy musicians inspires her sexy novels.


twitter username M_A_Valentine

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My Review of Demon 4.5 stars

I love a great paranormal and Demon At My Door did not disappoint! Natalie lived her life defined by her hatred for the demon who wants her soul. Who can blame her for wanting to kill the little demon involved? Not me! Yet, there’s something special about Rick Steele, the sexy, protective, tattooed guy who turns out to also be her nightmare. Nooooooo!!! I was pleasantly surprised by the history that is unveiled to Natalie…and also sickened at a few points in the whole soul-taking process (nicely done, Michelle Valentine!). Add in Stewart, Natalie’s neighbor, who I really didn’t like AT ALL (well, okay, I must admit I really liked him by the end) and I had a book I didn’t want to put down. Can’t wait for book #2!

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  1. Can’t wait to read this! I just started getting into paranormal romances and I’m really liking the genre so far 🙂

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