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Cards of Love: Knight of Wands

by Claudia Burgoa

A chance for a sweet future, or a recipe for disaster? 


My dream was to cook my way to fame and fortune, not run myself ragged keeping my late parents’ quaint restaurant afloat. My sister is useless, I’m chronically short-staffed, and even Gertie, my antiquated oven, hates me.

Then in charges Oliver, like a Golden Knight. He’s hunky, charming, and makes others feel at ease. He’s earnest and kind, optimistic and extroverted. He’s my best friend…and my sister’s ex. Picking up the slack like he never left all those years ago is difficult. He makes my body shiver with the lightest touch, the slightest smile. It would be so easy to let him be my knight in shining armor. But I can’t let him, even though he makes Gertie purr like a kitten.


I practically grew up waiting tables alongside KitKat. She’s a brilliant chef, but it’s clear she’s no manager. I’ve noticed other changes in her since her letters stopped coming to me in Iraq. There’s fire burning in her green eyes—and pain.

One kiss was meant to comfort. But it explodes into searing passion so white-hot, not even the tallest, iciest sweet tea can quench it. I shouldn’t try. She doesn’t want help, especially not mine. But a kiss like that is the beginning of a promise. A promise that won’t stop until I help her find her dream.


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Kerry’s 4 Blush Review

Knight of Wands by Claudia Burgoa is a novella that is part of the Cards of Love series which is actually a compilation of several authors. I enjoyed this novella a lot. The characters were extremely likable and the storyline was well written. I’m such a sucker for a second chance romance.

Kaitlyn and Oliver were childhood friends. They both had been through so much in life, yet they always managed to keep in touch through letters… until one day, the letters stopped. After 12 years without contact, Oliver finds himself back in his home town feeling lost. He spent all this time in the military and now that he’s home, he’s a bit conflicted.
Kaitlyn is a chef running her family’s business. She is drowning trying to keep it afloat. Kaitlyn’s sister is supposed to be helping, but all she’s doing is making it harder. Kaitlyn has given up her own dreams in order to keep her parents’ dreams alive. Oliver sees Kaitlyn struggling and wants to help her. Can these two become friends again? Or is there more to their friendship?

Claudia Burgoa is always a favorite of mine. For being a short story, Knight of Wands was fabulous. I’d be interested to read some of the other stories in the series.

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