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The Boy and His Ribbon (Ribbon Duet Book 1) by [Winters, Pepper]From New York Times Bestseller, Pepper Winters, comes one of her best tales yet…

“What do you do when you meet your soul mate? No wait…that’s too easy. What do you do when you meet your soul mate and have to spend a lifetime loving him in secret?
I’ll tell you what you do.
You lie.”


Ren was eight when he learned that love doesn’t exist–that the one person who was supposed to adore him only cared how much he was worth.
His mother sold him and for two years, he lived in terror.
But then…he ran.
He thought he’d run on his own. Turned out, he took something of theirs by accident and it became the one thing he never wanted and the only thing he ever needed.


I was young when I fell in love with him, when he switched from my world to my everything.
My parents bought him for cheap labour, just like they had with many other kids, and he had the scars to prove it.
At the start, he hated me, and I could understand why.
For years he was my worst enemy, fiercest protector, and dearest friend.
But by the end…he loved me.
The only problem was, he loved me in an entirely different way to the way I loved him.
And slowly, my secret drove us apart.


Abby’s 4.5 to 5 Blush Review

Okay, I’ll start this review with the obvious. 4.5 to 5? What’s that about?? I set the book down a lot and then came back to it. It might just be because stuff was on my mind, but usually, that is a determining 5-star factor. For a 5 it’s usually un-put-down-able. But like I said, I had stuff, so who knows.

What I can tell you, without a doubt, is that Pepper’s writing is flawless.

Did you guys read Unseen Messages?

Man oh, man, did I love that book. It’s a Pepper Winters book that wasn’t as popular as her brilliant Tears of Tess, but in many ways, there was something magical about that book.

Why am I bringing up other Pepper Winters books, instead of talking about The Boy and His Blue Ribbon? It’s because in The Boy and His Blue Ribbon, Winters takes everything that is perfect about Unseen Messages and Tears of Tess and she created this book. There is taboo, but there is also this striving to survive in desolate situations, that you get in Unseen Messages. This had a perfect blend of those elements.

Oh, snucks!

I think I just talked myself into this being a 5. Yep, definitely, was my own stuff going on. This book, now that I’m mentally going over again the details, and the journey and the way Winters grabbed me and made me think about surviving in the forest and the feels. Oh, the feels!

I watched a blogger, whose VLOGS I used to enjoy, go on about this book the other day, and I was in the middle of reading it and I was like, yeah, Molly is right!

This book is the shiznuts. (Yep, I just typed that!)

If you are new to Pepper, or you thought she was too dark, wait no further, to read her, for, in this book, you will get dark, but light too. It’s such a perfect blend of everything I’ve read from her that I think you will fall in love with it.


Kerry’s 5 Blush Review

Unconventional love. Coming of age. The Boy and His  Ribbon is the first of this duet. It’s told in a dual POV.
Fate brought them together.
Ren is a 10 year old boy who is running for his life from the terror he has endured. He has no money, food or shelter. The only thing he’s got is his backpack. Will he survive? He’s struggling within the depths of the unknown. Della is someone Ren is responsible for. But how can he protect her when he doesn’t know what will happen to him?
Pepper Winters has written a book that I have never read before. She has you so engrossed in these characters and this plot that you don’t want it to end. It’s written as past and present.  You see a lot of character growth throughout. Ren and Della are incredibly in-depth characters. This is about sacrifice, friendship, and survival. It’s an emotional story of love. I enjoyed how different it was.  It’s a breath of fresh air.



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