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Stud Finder – 1001 Dark Nights

From New York Times and USA Today best-selling author Lauren Blakely comes a new stand-alone romance….

Man seeking woman: Hot, rich, smart, witty, self-made multimillionaire Internet genius seeks classy, intelligent, sexy, fun-loving woman who’s interested in settling down and sharing all the good things.

There. Best. Ad. Ever.

I will absolutely find the woman of my dreams, someone who’ll love me for me. Even if my sister thinks I need help dating, I’m confident I can pull this off, courtesy of the great World Wide Web.

Let me just hit the “upload” button right now….

No. Just no. As a woman and a professional matchmaker, I can’t let Dylan Parker run this ad. He’s the catch of all catches. That’s why his sister has asked me to help her ridiculously good-looking, insanely rich, but socially clueless brother find a woman. As a broker of happily ever afters, I’m known as the Stud Finder since I make a great living pairing wildly successful women with men who won’t fleece them but will adore them. After all, what woman in her right mind wouldn’t fall in love with Dylan?

I mean, besides me. It totally won’t be me.

©2017 Lauren Blakely (P)2017 Audible, Inc.


1st things first…Jessie Metcalf as Dylan in mind was just a bonus.  Adding Jessie Metcalf’s voice as Dylan just sealed the deal for me.  These narrators were perfect!

The story, a quick, fun, sexy novella is just what I needed. A little predictable, the matchmaker falling in love with her client, but sometimes predictable is what I want.  I also love that when you read (or listen) to a Lauren Blakely book you are always going to find yourself giggling and definitely blushing!

I love that Lauren Blakely has this vast cast of characters that intermingle within her books and novellas.  I love to see old characters pop into her other books and it makes me smile to hear they are doing well and even a sneak peek into other books by Lauren I haven’t quite had a chance to read.

A great choice on narrators and a great quick read (well listen!)

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