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Love and Other Words by Christina Lauren

Love, loss, friendship, and the betrayals of the past all collide in this first women’s fiction novel from New York Times and #1 international bestselling author Christina Lauren (Autoboyography, Dating You / Hating You).

The story of the heart can never be unwritten.

Macy Sorensen is settling into an ambitious if emotionally tepid routine: work hard as a new pediatrics resident, plan her wedding to an older, financially secure man, keep her head down and heart tucked away.

But when she runs into Elliot Petropoulos—the first and only love of her life—the careful bubble she’s constructed begins to dissolve. Once upon a time, Elliot was Macy’s entire world—growing from her gangly bookish friend into the man who coaxed her heart open again after the loss of her mother…only to break it on the very night he declared his love for her.

Told in alternating timelines between Then and Now, teenage Elliot and Macy grow from friends to much more—spending weekends and lazy summers together in a house outside of San Francisco devouring books, sharing favorite words, and talking through their growing pains and triumphs. As adults, they have become strangers to one another until their chance reunion. Although their memories are obscured by the agony of what happened that night so many years ago, Elliot will come to understand the truth behind Macy’s decade-long silence, and will have to overcome the past and himself to revive her faith in the possibility of an all-consuming love.

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If Christina Lauren’s sole purpose was to create the world’s most perfect book boyfriend- they’ve succeeded. They have created not only a sweet, thoughtful and loving boy who grows into a sexy and self-confident man, but he’s also book-ish. That’s right ladies…he’s a SMOKIN hot Greek god by night and total book NERD by day. Do I have your attention yet? Good. Because if you take anything away from this review it should be that Elliott is a walking talking wet dream for book nerds. And I fell head over heels in love with him.

This book. IT WAS EVERYTHING I DIDN’T EXPECT IT TO BE AND MORE! If I’m being honest, I didn’t love Christina Lauren’s last two books so I was a bit nervous heading into this one. I’m blown away at how much I LOVED everything about this book. I devoured it under 24 hours. I couldn’t put it down. It was so BEAUTIFULLY written in a way the evokes so much emotion; so many deep feels are packed into these pages. The character development for both Elliott and Macy is superb. Together, they are such a joy to read about and experience. The back and forth between past and present was done so well and the way the story unfolded literally stole my breath at times. I loved being thrust back to the awkward teenage years and into a blossoming romance that is innocent and pure but so definitely real that it literally lasts decades. I did not expect this kind of book from these authors and honestly and well, the jokes on me. You need to read this book! You will not be disappointed.

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I have been reading books lately without even looking at the synopsis. I have been enjoying this immensely so when I begin a book blindly, I have no idea what I am going into and when a book like this starts and I am captured by the characters so quickly and easily I fall; fast and hard.

Elliot is the epitome of book boyfriend.  He’s a sweet, friendly, honest young man who meets Macy after she’s just lost her mother.  She’s lost herself and Elliot becomes the one to help her find who she is and in return, Elliot may find a few things about himself too.

“Sometimes it feels like I think about your every minute.”

Present and past tense alternating chapters lead you back into the beginning of their friendship and back to their renewed friendship. The “feels’ are endless and I want to start all over and fall in love again.

“This closet isn’t why we fell in love.  We made this room special, not the other way around.”


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After the death of Macy’s mother, her father buys them a weekend getaway house right next door to the Petropoulos family. It is here where Macy meets Elliot hanging out in her closet reading. She decided she enjoyed that he “came with the house” and a friendship was inevitable.

I have never read Christina Lauren before, and I really enjoyed this story. I really enjoyed Elliot. He was such an ideal book boyfriend. I loved that he was smart. I enjoyed that he was genuine. I mostly enjoyed that he was irrevocably honest. Even when he made poor choices, he was honest to a fault. And that was the best part about Elliot. Plus, he was a boy who loved to read books and had a favorite word. SWOON!

Macy had plenty of heartbreak in her life. Losing her mother at a young age was definitely a huge one. She was lucky enough to have the best dad. He made sure she had an esacpe from life on the weekends. He learned how to do her hair. His mission was Macy’s happiness. And there is nothing better than watching a single dad basically “nail it.”

The story is told in past and present POV building up the reasons for the eleven years in which Elliot and Macy lost each other. It came down to a very emotional and heartbreaking and hopeful ending that I never would have even imagined. I just felt it it took a little long to come to fruition. The answers come and the story essentially ends. It was still so full of emotions and is a wonderful friends to lovers story.



About the Authors

Christina Lauren is the combined pen name of long-time writing partners/besties/soulmates/brain-twins Christina Hobbs and Lauren Billings. The coauthor duo writes both Young Adult and Adult Fiction, and together has produced fourteen New York Times bestselling novels. Their books have been translated into 30+ languages.
You can find them online at ChristinaLaurenBooks.com or at @seeCwrite (Christina), @LolaShoes (Lauren), or @ChristinaLauren on Twitter.



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