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Dark Light by S.L. Jennings 3

Dark Light by S.L. Jennings

Rating: Overview Love. Sex. Magic. Before her 20th birthday, Gabriella was pretty much clueless about all three. In love with her best guy friend since the age of 14 and too crass and intimidating for most of the male population of Colorado Springs, love and good sex were virtually a myth. And then there’s magic. Freakin’ magic. There’s no way that legend could have a place in her less than exciting life. So why after twenty years of utter obscurity do her adopted parents hit her with the ton of bricks that is her true identity? And how the heck...

Cover Reveal: The Dark Prince by S.L. Jennings 1

Cover Reveal: The Dark Prince by S.L. Jennings

We are so excited to bring you the cover for The Dark Prince by S.L. Jennings! Synopsis Dorian Skotos is Dark. And although that brand of sheer, unrelenting evil is a direct threat to her life, Gabriella is tragically in love with him. Gabriella knew it was all too good to be true. The way his touch radiated electricity right to her core, the way his ice blue eyes somehow made panties drop involuntarily, how his sexy half-smile crumbled the barriers around her heart…Dorian was extraordinary in every way. She ignored the alarm bells for the sake of pleasure and...