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#Review #AngstyRead ~~ Alpha CEO by M. Robinson

  𝐀𝐥𝐩𝐡𝐚 𝐂𝐄𝐎 𝐛𝐲 𝐌. 𝐑𝐨𝐛𝐢𝐧𝐬𝐨𝐧 𝐢𝐬 𝐋𝐈𝐕𝐄!!  From Wall Street Journal and USA Today, Bestselling Author M. Robinson comes a best friend’s baby sister, second chance billionaire romance. I came from nothing and made something of myself. I’ve only ever loved two things. Cars and her. I took that passion and built an empire. Now I’m the CEO. The alpha. On top of the world. I’m not the carefree man she once knew. That was the problem with being one of the richest men in the world—everyone thinks they know me, but they only know what I want them...


#Review ~~ White Ribbon by Aleatha Romig

Rating: Release Date: September 1 Kerry’s 4 Blush Review I had no idea this was a prequel to her upcoming release of Red Ribbon. Aleatha is such a tease. This is a short novella that you can read in one sitting. Julia is running away from her life when she finds herself in a horrible snowstorm.  Van finds himself stuck in a cabin with a beautiful woman, he will stop at nothing to get Julia’s attention. Van is a wolf he can’t wait to sink his claws into Julia. White ribbon is a beautiful story of two strangers coming together in...


New Release – The Aristocrat by Penelope Ward

Rating:   Title: The Aristocrat Author: Penelope Ward Genre: Standalone Contemporary Romance Release Date: August 30, 2021 Sandy’s 4.75 BLUSH Review Leo Covington is hot, rich, and just wants to have fun.  He plans to spend the summer in the states, before getting serious about the family business, back in the UK.  His cousin, Sig, who I did not like at first, was along for the ride. Felicity Dunleavy has had more than her fair share of bumps in the road.  At a good place in her life, she loves Narragansett, Rhode Island, and her foster mother, Eloise. Felicity gets...


The Sinner by Emma Scott #TragicPast

Rating: The Sinner by Emma Scott is now live! Shy, introverted Lucy Dennings lives a quiet little life in New York City, working for a nonprofit and keeping to herself. Every afternoon, she goes home to her empty apartment and Edgar, her houseplant, and every night, she loses herself in the pages of her beloved romance novels. Her lonely heart seeks solace in tales of passionate, enduring, all-consuming love, but more and more, Lucy feels she’s not just reading for pleasure but searching for a lost piece of herself in the pages. As if she once touched something beautiful but...


I Bite She Sucks by Penelope Bloom

Rating:  Release Date: April 19   I threw a paper airplane love note from my window.     First mistake. I aimed it at a gorgeous stranger and put my address on it.    Second mistake. Yep. You guessed it. I missed and hit a werewolf instead. Best thing that ever happened to me?       Next thing I knew, a large angrily attractive werewolf man was trying to get in my apartment. I introduced him to my baseball bat and figured that was the end of things.    Or not.   Because my well-meaning sister became a vampire...


Blog Tour ~~ WORKING MAN by L.B. Alexander

Rating: WORKING MAN by L.B. Alexander Release Date: July 28, 2021 COVER DESIGN: Cormar Covers GENRE: Contemporary romance Kerry’s 4 Blush Review Working Man puts a modern spin on Pretty Woman! Violet is in need of a companion for a business event. She is moving up in the ranks in a career field dominated by men. She doesn’t have time to date and get to know someone after a nasty breakup. Gabriel is an “escort” who is all about having fun. Gabriel has a dark past that has him holding himself back, but the more time Violet and Gabriel spend...


#BlogTour~The Bet by Max Monroe

Rating: When it comes to life’s fun and games, always know: The rules. What’s at stake. When to quit. The Bet, an all new hilarious opposites attract standalone rom com from New York Times bestselling author Max Monroe is available now!   Louisa’s 4 Blush Review After reading Red, White and You (which was part of Broody Billionaire : The Wes Lancaster Collection) I knew that I would be loving the Winslow Brothers stories.  The Winslow boys are brothers of Winnie (Married to Wes).  This is a stand-alone but I would suggest getting to know the whole Billionaire gang first.  ...


Review ~~ Serves Me Wright by KA Linde

Rating: Louisa’s 4.5 Blush Review I know I say it every time a read a KA Linde book but seriously – this is my favorite one of this series. KA Linde packed a lot into this story – we get Julian and Jennifer – friends to lovers, a fake relationship and so much more. Julian’s fresh off of his break up with Ashleigh (who we, unfortunately, met in Jordan’ and Annie’s book Wright With Benefits.  She’s conniving and an all-around mean girl.  Julian is done with her but she’s not quite done messing with julian. Jennifer has had feelings for...


#BlogTour~Pause by Kylie Scott

Rating: Pause, an all new emotional friends-to-lovers romance from New York Times bestselling author Kylie Scott is available now! An unpauseable new romance from New York Times bestselling, Audie Award winning author Kylie Scott! When Anna wakes up from a coma after a car crash, she discovers life has gone on without her. Her husband has been unfaithful—with her best friend—and she’s been long since replaced at work. While her old life is a distant memory, her new life feels like an empty shell. Then she meets the stranger who saved her life during the crash, and he changes everything....


Forever Never by Lucy Score

    Title: Forever Never Author: Lucy Score Genre: Romantic Comedy Release Date: March 4, 2021     You don’t fall for your brother’s high school sweetheart, your boss’s daughter, or your ex-wife’s best friend. Especially when they’re all the same woman. Under Brick Callan’s mile-wide chest beats a loyal heart with a few cracks in it. He’s the steadfast, overprotective type. Especially when it comes to the one woman he can never have. It’s a long, complicated history punctuated by fights, friendship, family, and an attraction that strains his iron willpower. When Remi Ford returns to Mackinac Island in...